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If you find that vagrant box list somehow does not contain a box you previously had, you can sometimes add the box back if you still have the sources for it in /. If I understand you correctly you would like to make a Vagrant base box from provisioned by Vagrant VMs. This is not recommended way to go. I have a vagrant box up and running (configured with a LAMP stack). I need to transfer it to another PC.

vagrant import box 2I have a vagrant box running on VirtualBox, and I need to make a copy (with all its existing config and data), so that I can make changes on it without affecting the original. TomDV. Can you point out exactly where that page talks about turning an.OVA file into a.BOX file? All I see there is talk about setting up a. I’ve recently started using Vagrant for building local VMs with VirtualBox.

Making a real 1:1 copy of a Vagrant box is really easy: This tutorial shows how to duplicate / copy vagrant boxes with just a few commands within seconds. Convert a VirtualBox.ova VM into a Vagrant box. Here is how you can easily and non-interactively import a.ova file into for use with Vagrant. After performing init on a project root, the Vagrant configuration file named Vagrantfile is created there. To initialize a Vagrant box in a project root.


vagrant save box 3Vagrant now uses linked clones to import boxes for VirtualBox and VMware. Linked cloning is a feature supported by many hypervisors that dramatically speeds up imports by only creating a differential disk versus copying the entire disk image of the virtual machine. Hello, I have a hard to reproduce system configuration in a virtualbox vagrant box and I want to transform it into a DigitalOcean droplet because my laptop can’t offer any additional cpu power needed. The main advantage of Vagrant is that it lets you import and use pre-configured Virtual Machines (called boxes in this context) which can become bases for your own customizations (installed applications, libraries, etc). I’ve been slowly trying to work Vagrant into my workflow. I’ve found it best to use it when starting new projects (most of my old projects already have a existing VM) but the last couple days I’ve been fighting a problem where every PHP script on a VM takes 5 seconds to finish. Before describing the actual steps for exporting your vagrant box from one machine to another let me give you few examples where it might be useful. To actually import the box you’d use the following command:. A look at setting up and using Fedora-based Vagrant boxes on Fedora 21, Mac OS X, or Windows. Next we’re going to import the box image and start working with it.

How To Copy Vagrant Boxes (or Duplicate Them)

How to export WP database for import using WP-CLI on Vagrant Box? I even went so far as to create a bash script to spin up new Vagrant boxes using just a name.