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Command: vagrant box. This is the command used to manage (add, remove, etc.) boxes. The main functionality of this command is exposed via even more subcommands:. New command: vagrant box remove-old-versions with tests 6863 bbrala. The list command shows the provider in brackets, a provider is something like virtualbox or vmware not the URL you got the box from and you have to specify the provider for disambiguation during remove, e.

vagrant remove box 2To discard old boxes listed in vagrant global-status (eg. you deleted the folder containing the.vagrant dir from the filesystem) you just need to run:. Creating and Removing Vagrant Boxes. It is possible to work with multiple virtual boxes, created in Vagrant. With PyCharm, you can add new boxes without leaving the IDE. Gems Guides Contribute Sign in Sign up vagrant-remove-old-box-versions 1.0.0. This plugin enables you to remove all but the latest installed boxes. Versions:.

The Vagrant boxes contain the disk image of a VM without the virtual hardware details of the VM, which are initialized by Vagrant and can be edited by the user. To remove a box we use the vagrant box remove command as follows:. To remove a previous installation please do the following commands: Change to the directory with your Vagrantfile. Vagrant is a simple-to-use command line virtual machine manager. Vagrant box remove coreos-alpha vmware_fusion vagrant box remove coreos-alpha virtualbox.


Vagrant makes it easy to create development boxes as close to production. Before going ahead with installations, one advice: since these are long installation process, it is better to disable energy setting. The CFEngine Enterprise Vagrant Environment provides an easy way to test and explore CFEngine Enterprise. To delete the basebox run vagrant box remove centos-6. This article will show three useful routines for Vagrant: saving an existing Vagrant box setup, removing old/unused Vagrant box and restoring saved vagrant box. I’m running Mavericks, and using Vagrant with VirtualBox to spin up a Precise32 box. When I first started, I had issues with apt-get update on the box (hash sum mismatches, etc. Basic vagrant box operations like add, init, up, SSH, suspend, reload, halt and destroy example. Halt just power offs the VM, it does not remove the VM from the hard disk. The destroy command will not remove the base box from your system. It will only remove the new environment you’ve created from the Vagrant box.