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New command: vagrant box remove-old-versions with tests 6863. To discard old boxes listed in vagrant global-status (eg. you deleted the folder containing the.vagrant dir from the filesystem) you just need to run:. Gems Guides Contribute Sign in Sign up vagrant-remove-old-box-versions 1.1.0. This plugin enables you to remove all but the latest installed boxes. Versions:.

vagrant remove outdated boxes 2Vagrant annoyed me with lots of old boxes and no good way to remove them. I just released Just released vagrant-remove-old-box-versions, a plugin that fixes that. Running CoreOS with Vagrant is one way to bring up a single machine or virtualize an entire cluster on your laptop. You can do this using vagrant box update – or, simply remove the old box file and Vagrant will download the latest one the next time you vagrant up. To remove the old version you can run the following (to save space on the local machine):.

Yep, it’s a year old: you can imagine how long an update would take. Removing installed version 4.3.30 of VirtualBox Guest Additions. Box. Command: vagrant box. This is the command used to manage (add, remove, etc.) boxes. The main functionality of this command is exposed via even more subcommands:. I’m guessing that there has to be something that’s being left over from the old box(es) (registry? I don’t even know.), but I can’t figure out what it is and how to remove it.

Vagrant Annoyed Me With Lots Of Old Boxes And No Good Way To Remove Them. I Just Released Just Released Vagrant-remove-old-box-versions, A Plugin That Fixes That

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