Valentine’s Day Box Made From Cereal Box Sample Plans PDF

Tip Junkie has 300 Valentine’s Day tutorials all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make. Recycle cereal boxes into these adorable Valentine holders. This Cereal Box Valentine Holder is the perfect container to make with your child’s classroom to collect all their cards. I’m excited to bring you a fun craft for Valentine’s Day. A friend of mine at school made these with her son’s class last year, and I fell in love with the concept. 40 Simple Fun Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas Just for Kids. Posted by Abigail on January 9, 2015 in DIY Crafts & Project Ideas 1,167 Views. Cute Cereal Box Made Into Valentine’s Box For Kids.

valentine's day box made from cereal box 2This year I am excited to share the Valentine’s Day mailbox chair backers that we created!. Valentine Boxes. to hang on our bedroom doors, made from re-cycled cereal boxes! Valentine’s day is approaching and it’s always nice to get mail in a cute mailbox. A cereal box and some cardboard tubes make a really nice mailbox to receive Valentine cards. Valentine box made from cardboard box paperjewels.blogspot.

I had no idea that our plain gift boxes would be sitting on the table next to amazing Valentine’s Day card boxes made from cereal boxes that looked like this. Cereal Box Valentine from Remodelholic. I just. my blog the Play Doh flower Valentine’s Day cards I made for a party I took the kids to last year and am working on glitter heart necklaces for this year. Cute, aren’t they? Valentines day boxes made from cereal cartons.

Cereal Box Mailboxes For Valentine’s Day

This Shopkins Valentines Day Box (source unknown) can be made from a cereal box, toilet paper tube, and decorative paper. Use a cereal box and decorative paper with a slot at the top for cards. Posted in Holidays, Parties and tagged Valentine Card Holders, Valentines Day. I made the vase for the lollipop bouquet from a styrofoam drink cup. Creative Valentine Box Ideas to Make with the Kids! Butterfly Valentine Container Help the kids transform a cylindrical recycled container into an adorable Valentine’s Day inspired Butterfly Valentine container. You can make these pretty Valentine boxes in 3 easy steps. All you need is a cereal box, colored paper, and hearts (made with a paper punch or cut out by hand). We fastened dowels on the inside of the box and, using a needle and thread, made a banner out of the letter hearts. Put your special Valentine’s Day gift in a gift box that’s just as special. This kid-made Valentine upcycles an old puzzle, and make the perfect Valentine for best friends. This class Valentine mailbox upcycles old cereal boxes, but my favorite thing about it?

Valentine’s Day Card Boxes From Cereal Boxes

16 Ways to Have the Best Valentine’s Mailbox Holder in the Classroom (even though it’s not a competition). This is made from a cereal box great idea! If you want more of a box and less of a container, this R2D2 from Split Coast Stampers is made from what looks like a cereal box and paper cut outs.