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In the Viking beds it must have been stuffed into a sack so as not to fall through. The same type of slatted base was common in western Europe. I In the beds with a solid base, the straw was probably placed directly on the bed, as it has been up to our time. This is an adaptation to the use of pine and prevents bowing of the slats. The mortices in the footposts have also been slightly altered. The bed has been sized to take a modern full size mattress. 16th CENTURY BED–photo of period rope bed with curtains, recreated at Weald and Downland Museum.

viking slat bed 2We have been talking about making a Viking bed for years. I found many different reproductions using a variety of number and type of slats, but I decided to stay true to the original, at least in that respect, and use 7 slats in the bed. I have pictures of two Viking slat beds, both are from the Viking ship excavations. One is the large one with the very wide side, post, and head boards carved with the beasts, the other is a smaller (and more practical) bed with shaped posts at the corners and looks more like a single bed. Since K is here visiting, I needed to set up an extra bed; so I put together the Viking slat bed that J made. I can put it together myself with just a few books stacked up to level the frame pieces.

I don’t have room for this in mine due to children’s beds and pole layout, but it makes an intimate setting, being able to enter the tent at night and sit around a table. Both Thora and Dof have Viking personas, and their tents reflect this. See what items on eBay consist of an interesting viking reenactment collection. Osberg wooden viking slat bed handmade viking re-enactment craft. The Barnwood bunk bed comes complete with ends, side rails and bed slats. The side rails of the barnwood bunk bed are attached to the ends with barrel nuts and bolts which will never strip out like lag bolts.

The Viking Hedgehog: Viking Bed

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