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Discover new wines every month with VINEBOX, the world’s first wine-by-the-glass club. VINEBOX: A wine by the glass club. Discover 3 exceptional wines every month, by the glass! There are plenty of subscription services out there that will hit you with a box of various wine bottles, but none offer subscription tastings by the glass.

vine box wines 2Wine-of-the-month clubs are pretty brilliant..unless they just don’t work for your lifestyle. Whether you rarely drink more than a single glass or live. Traditional wine clubs deliver by the bottle or the case. That means that often, members end up with large amounts of wines that are unexceptional, or not suited to their tastes. VINEBOX is a monthly wine-by-the-glass subscription service. Each month, subscribers receive 3 single-serving portions of wine to taste, share, and enjoy.

VINEBOX is a new monthly wine by the glass box that provides its subscribers with three wines to taste. While each full bottle of wine would retail from 20 to 50 a bottle, the three tastes arrive at subscribers doors for 30- 35 a month plus shipping. VINEBOX is the first wine by the glass subscription club for discovering exclusive wines from around the world. Each month, members receive three curated glasses of wine in a new single-serving format with the opportunity to purchase full-size bottles of their favorites. For those who share my viewpoints, meet Vinebox. Vinebox, a new wine-startup launching this fall, offers a monthly subscription program for wines by the glass.

The Kind-of-genius Vinebox Is A Wine-by-the-glass Monthly Subscription Club

vine box wines 3Vinebox, a new wine subscription service, has officially launched, and it may transform the way millennials purchase wines. While the pitfalls and perils of being a novice wine connoisseur are plenty, this wine-by-the-glass subscription service allows you the luxury of getting to know a particular variety of wine before purchasing a full bottle — and it allows you to do so without leaving your home. Due to a few Facebook ads that were served to me, I decided to make the jump and subscribe for the Vine Box membership. Working in social media in advertising I should have better control over myself but when it comes to wine all of that goes out the window. Vinebox, which is based in San Francisco, is a mail-order wine club where customers can choose from three different packages, which are delivered to your doorstep. Vinebox affords wine lovers the opportunity to sample quality wines by the glass without committing to an entire bottle. Well with a subscription to Vinebox, you can get a box of different wines every month, for just a few hundred dollars for a year subscription, which is a pretty. Vinebox. Vinebox. Vinebox. Other Packaging Packaging. Vinebox. Summary. Each Vinebox contains 3 tubes of superior wine.

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