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Vintage Pachmayr Gun Works Super Deluxe Case Pistol Range Box w/ Adj.Tray in Sporting Goods, Hunting, Gun Storage eBay. Vintage-Pachmayr-Gun-Works-super-deluxe-Case-5-Pistol-Range-Box. Vintage Pachmayr Super Deluxe 5 Gun Range Case Want to Sell/Trade (WTS/WTT). Just an FYI, if you have a dot mounted on yours, it won’t fit in the older boxes.

vintage pachmayr pistol range box 2Auction:7475182 Pachmayr Super Deluxe Case range box, must be 40 years old, but still in pretty good shape. Leatherette (This predates Vinyl) cover is frayed. This is a used Pachmahr Range box. It will hold 5 Pistols. Has some consmetic blemishes but functions perfectly. Great old box. Has two storage areas and spotting scope holder. Every competitor had a box with magazines, tools, spotting scope.. What are these. What are these.

Hello Shooters. Here’s what I have., Pachmayr 3 gun box, Black in outstanding shape, with the following: NEW..Gil Hebard Scope mount NEW. I have this pretty neat vintage Pachmayr Super Deluxe Case by Gun Works INC. The case itself has seen some better days but seems solid. It. If you are an old time bull’s eye competition shooter, you probably remember the days when everybody brought their guns to the range in a Pachmayr competition pistol case which with the addition of the Gil Heberd spotting scope mount was the perfect accessory set up for this sport.

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Pachmayr pistol range box, vintage pachmayr pistol case range shooters box ebay. Nice vintage Bullseye shooters box from the iron sight era. I picked up this 4 gun range box at a gun show a few years ago for 50. It came with the O.F. Mossberg and Sons 20X spotting scope of the same vintage. Pachmayr Super Deluxe Pistol Range Box Holds 5 Pistols Good Condition This is an auction for an older (vintage) Pachmayr ‘Super Deluxe’ 5-pistol range box. Gun-Ho, Pachmayr style, Target Pistol Range Box 10 x 1 4 x18, Multi-Door. I’m finding that competition pistol boxes like my old Pachmayr from 40 years ago are now extinct. Do you find many enthusiasts using pistol boxes or does everyone just carry a range bag?

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WTS Pachymayr Vintage Bullseye Super Deluxe Case. Moderators: pilkguns, 76Olympian, Spencer, David Levene, Richard H. Slide out drawer for 4 guns. Not tall enough for optics so I need more space. Vintage Pachmayr Gun Works Super Deluxe Case Pistol Box w Adj Lok Grip Tray search on. Vintage brand ammo boxes and signs are available in a variety of styles and sizes, faithfully replicating the traditional wooden ammo crates and shell boxes from decades past.