Vintage Wooden Sewing Spools Sample Plans PDF

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vintage wooden sewing spools 2There are all types of spools from the large wire spools to yarn spools to ribbon spools, bobbin Spools. I have 6 Vintage large wooden spools, that I use for candle holders. What do you do with old empty wooden thread spools? How about using them to create unique projects perfect for the textile enthusiast? Check it out!. Also lots of vintage notions like rick rack, bias tape, etc. I have a bunch of old thread I like more for the wooden spools than anything else.

I have a drawer full of old- decades- spools of thread from my grandmother and mother. But as lexi said, wooden spools have a bit of value. Sewing equipment of all types is collected, from sewing birds that held the cloth to tape measures, needle books, and old wooden spools. Most pieces collected today date from the nineteenth and early twentiet1. Large lot of old wood spools collected from sewing thread, several different sizes and types of spools.

35 Ways To Reuse Thread Spools

vintage wooden sewing spools 3Vintage Sewing/Spools–vintage, antique and collectible–available for sale at We offer a large variety of unfinished wooden thread spools. From small wooden spools to large wood spools, we have the right size wood spool for your spooling projects. Vintage thread comes on pretty wooden spools that are totally cool to look at but did you realize that thread has a shelf life? Jeans fabric for sewing, lace and accessories for needlework on old wooden background. Spool of thread, scissors, buttons, sewing supplies. Set for needlework top view. There is something elegant about vintage wooden spools of thread. They are most definitely one of my favorite things. I cannot bring myself to use them up or pass them along. For antique and vintage sewing machines. Invention of the wooden thread spool. Right, we have to have a quick history lesson here to lay the foundation of how thread came about. The first spools from the 1820’s were just plain old Birch wood.


Then I put the wire up through the hole of the spool.