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American Made, chain link fence both in galvanized and vinyl coated. more. Chain link fence is the product of choice for security and peace of mind because of its strength and long-term durability. Fused and bonded, 9 gauge finish (10 gauge core) vinyl coated by thermally fused and bonded method per ASTM F668 specifications, class 2b. It is not uncommon to combine the two and stretch a vinyl coated chain link fabric on a galvanized frame. We’ve fenced in buildings, inside of buildings, on roofs, in fresh and saltwater; we’ve even fenced in lions, tigers, and bears! Our full fabrication shop, experienced staff, wide range of standard and specialty fence parts inventory, and long-standing relationships with top fence manufacturers, makes Hoover Fence an ideal supplier for all fencing projects.

vinyl coated chain link fence manufacturer 2Eastern manufactures all of our gates to your specifications whether you need a small walk gate or an industrial 26′ opening internal slide gate, in color or galvanized — we make them all. However, according to various suppliers, they may interpret your request to mean a finished gauge ( metallic core wire plus vinyl coating). Merchants Metals is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of fence systems in the nation and has been the contractor’s and architect’s source for quality fencing and accessories for over 60 years. Announcing Fe-Fence Estimator. Merchants Metals has a long and rich history in the American fence industry and our products are manufactured and distributed through 39 service centers and 4 manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout North America.

All vinyl coated mesh has a 15 to 25 mil thick extrusion bonded coating, meeting the standards of ASTM F668 Class 2a. VINYL COATED WIRE FOR CHAIN LINK FABRIC AND TENSION WIRE OURS MOST OTHERS ApplicationMesh Size Coated Wire(Outside) DiameterUncoated Wire(Core) DiameterBreaking Strength(lbs. Source: Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute Website – Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute Product Manual, Standard Guide for Metallic-Coated Chain Link Fence & Fabric, April 2007. As with any chain link fence, quality is the key to long life and a good return on your investment, and our fence company is dedicated to providing you with the high quality materials you demand and prices that are competitive with any supplier. Traditional, metallic-coated chain-link fence remains one of the most effective, economical fencing barriers on the market today and is the number one selling fence system in the world. Five to fifteen year warranties are generally available on chain-link fence, Ullrich said, and the warranty should apply to everything related to product deterioration that is a fault of the manufacturing process including the color of a vinyl coated fence.

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General Wire manufactures galvanized chain link fencing. Along with manufacturing G.A.W. chain link, we also stock the popular black vinyl coated chain link. Aruvil International is one of the leading Manufacturer and Suppliers of color coated fence fittings, color chain link fence, Chainlink fabric, chain link fence gate and vinyl coated chain link fence. Chain link fencing that meets the ASTM standard is 55 percent stronger, yet only costs about 10 percent more than lower quality chain-link. Metallic-coated chain link offers the most protection for the lowest cost, and for just a little bit more, color-coated chain link offers that same protection with a colorful twist. Dollar for dollar, even the most elegant chain link fence will be more cost effective than wood, vinyl or ornamental fence styles. USA: Chain Link Fencing: Chain Link Fence Manufacturers. As an option, the fencing may be vinyl coated in a wide range of colors. The Anchor Fencing website contains a Frequently Asked Questions section. FENCE WITH TRADITIONAL GALVANIZED WIRE AND VINYL COATED WIRE. We supply high quality fence, pipe, fence fittings, vinyl-coated chain link, gates and dog kennels for residential and commercial purposes.

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Galvanized steel chain link fence sales and installation service is offered by contractor North Smithfield Fence to all areas of RI and southeastern MA. We also carry vinyl coated colored chain-link fence fabric, framework (posts and rails) fittings, gates (swing and slide) and gate hardware for all fencing applications. A Limited Manufacturers Warranty is available on this Product. Vinyl-coated fencing comes in a number of color options. Guardian Fence Suppliers manufactures chain-link fencing from 2-20 feet in several different wire gauges and mesh sizes.