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Is suggest you spend some money on a chair that will be comfortable and support your back for long hours at the computer. I’ve had an ikea office chair and within months it was nearly impossible to sit on due to the lack of padding. The Ikea Volmar is the company’s high-end executive chair, with a leather finish. As well as standard height adjustment, there’s a control to adjust the backrest’s tilt tension. Using these range of adjustments it’s pretty easy to get the chair configured so that it’s comfortable for you. Anyone has experience with the Ikea Volmar? I’m considering it over the Markus because it has adjustable armrests.

 volmar chair review 2Tl;dr: The most comfortable chairs that fixed my pressure points were fully adjustable, were completely constructed out of mesh and had a deep recline. I’m 6’1 and looking for something comfortable. Is the Ikea Markus the office chair to go for around this budget? So I can establish a baseline, what did you have before/what have you compared the Volmar against? With a variety of price points, I discovered task chairs available for nearly any budget.

I wound up getting a slightly beat up, but very comfortable chair for like 20. I had looked online at the VOLMAR, it looked like the chair for me. IKEA – VOLMAR, Swivel chair with armrests, dark gray,,, 10-year Limited Warranty. Approved for office use; comfortable to sit on during long working periods. It’s comfortable, attractive, and more compact than any other full-featured task chair, so it fits in a wider variety of spaces than its competitors. After a year of testing, our new office chair pick is the Steelcase Gesture. It has a wider range of adjustments than any other chair.

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 volmar chair review 3Gigantic disclaimer: I have never actually sat in this chair. I was asked to answer so I will give some general comments based upon the product specifications. Approved for office use; comfortable to sit on during long working periods. Ikea Volmar fully loaded is actually a pretty good chair if you ask me. Its narrow with the upper back for more mobility. Check out our range of sturdy and durable swivel chairs at great value prices. VOLMAR swivel chair with armrests, black Tested for: 242 lb 8 oz Width:. It is still comfortable to sit in, but if i had to buy a chair again i would buy one that would retain the same shape on the bottom part of the chair. I have the Ikea Volmar chair which from the comparison I did in the shop was more comfortable than the Markus. 5’7 and 180 lbs. I have the Ikea Volmar at work, and I find it very comfortable.

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I think the current model Volmar is similar enough though I have not personally sat in it. I use big, comfortable reclining chairs with plenty of pillows. IKEA offers many choices in office chairs and here’s a review of IKEA’s office swivel chair. I am happy whit my IKEA VOLMAR chair, ware you also pay a lot for, but still cheaper then this chair. I have an IKEA Volmar with headrest, works for me. The mesh chairs I’ve sat in in offices were comfortable, but I can’t help but feel one stray zipper or pen poking a hole into it.

One way to achieve this is to either get a saddle seat chair, or reclined back position like this (if you have a few thousand pounds).