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WAFFLE HOUSE is the latest technology that will protect you and your family from typhoon, storm, and earthquake, as well as flood. The waffle box house uses all kinds of concrete, whether standard or blended; plastic; wood or its derivative like laminated wood; metal, including steel sheet or its improved products like the pre-formed, bended, punched sections; aluminum; fiber glass; glass or any applicable materials of the present and of the future that will result in a structure that is lighter but equally stronger, highly resistant to earthquake and hurricanes, cheaper and can be done faster. The construction cost could range from P200-thousand upwards, depending on the requirements of the dwellers. We were shown some model houses and were told they could build the house in 24 hrs at a cost of P400,000.00. Hmmm, very interesting! We were told that they have projects in different parts of the Philippines and most of their customers were foreigners. To our surprise, we learned that no waffle box house has been built yet. I also found out from a onetime client of Solidcon that they were baited with insignificant promises and taken advantage by this unscrupulous contractor with the assurance of low overhead and on time delivery.

waffle box house cost 2The cost can be extensive but with this first plant, we will exactly know what will be next. B. Waffle Box Waffle box is a patented Industrial Building System. We make your houses in the factory; precast, prefabricated, pre-finished and plug-in building components. The Type I five (5) side waffle box 27 is installed vertically on top of another while the Type II (6) side waffle box 27 is installed horizontally (with a bonus space created between waffle boxes 27) to form a shelter or building. It is however, suggested to use a uniform waffle box 27 in any section of the building in order to save for the cost of formworks and to benefit from operating on the economies of scale. In the case of single detach residential houses, the Type II six (6) sides waffle boxes 27 are laid one space apart, some aligned in front while others are moved forward or backward (Figures 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56) as the case maybe, in order for the designers to be creative in aesthetic designs and specific purpose like balcony, stair, attic, toilet and bath, etc. Waffle Box Building Technology Contact Us FREE NewsLetter! Houses for sale in Philippines cost a lot lower than exactly the same kind of home in the other states in United States, this means you can buy an intricate home for the money you’ve.

Waffle box building technology concrete modular houses affordable, durable,fast, expandable,transferrablegreen and sustainable resilient,flood proof typhoon read more. House The construction cost could range from P200-thousand upwards, depending on the requirements of the dwellers. Why box building technology (solid concrete construction) is cheaper, durable, fast and better than CHB. 1. So kung may ground movement like an earthquake or heavens forbid a car hit your house which house do you think will crumble or at least the structural integrity compromised? Up to you. In short; Hollow Blocks vs Solid Concrete Walls: cost for you is the same. Philippines house construction cost estimate home builders by masshousing 131 views.

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I went to Waffle House to eat a meal in peace and catch up on some work I needed to do. The staff was so loud also. She even brought to go boxes. Bad decision and Waffle House needs to address this issue which costs them revenue and customers(?). Being an alternative building system with thinner walls and slabs, lighter and cheaper but is equally stronger, fast, resilient, green, and sustainable. It is a process and a product that has less cost with more value added. The Type I five (5) side waffle box 27 is ideal for houses, shelter or building with different sizes of rooms. The Type I waffle box 27 with one bottom side open are installed on top of the other from foundation 26, 26a or base level to the topmost deck 31. Waffle Box Building Technology Philippines Waffle Box Building Technology Philippines:Less Cost,More Value! Philippines House Builders Tagaytay: waffle box building. waffle box building technology: build your own home: building your own home: home floor plans: new home plans: home plans: floor plans for new homes.

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