Waffle Box House Design Sample Plans PDF

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WAFFLE HOUSE is the latest technology that will protect you and your family from typhoon, storm, and earthquake, as well as flood. The design is for a box-like structure made from prefabricated, prefinished, plug-in, insulated or cast-in-place rectangular structural waffle box. Waffle Box Building Technology Contact Us FREE NewsLetter!

waffle box house design 2The Waffle-Crete Solution 7 Gov’t subsidized housing. Waffle Box Building Technology – Home of Solid Poured Concrete. Latest House Design In The Philippines is very much an extraordinary methodology that. Also, be sure you check my wife’s blog House of Rose. The majority of our stuff was moved in waffle fry boxes which are wayyyy more sturdy than any you could buy at a hardware store. The best advise my husband gave me was to design or find a home design that was a square or a rectangle.

Introduction To The Waffle-crete Precast Concrete Building System

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Affordable Waffle Box House