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A group of engineers and architects has come up with what theyre calling waffle box houses that they say can withstand Yolanda-level winds and earthquakes stronger than the possible magnitude 7.2 quake that can be generated by the West Valley Fault. To our surprise, we learned that no waffle box house has been built yet. I also found out from a onetime client of Solidcon that they were baited with insignificant promises and taken advantage by this unscrupulous contractor with the assurance of low overhead and on time delivery. Disadvantages of a waffle slab include difficult-to-handle penetrations, the requirement of special formwork, greater floor-to-floor height and low fire rating. Adjustments such as placing a driveway on the opposite side of a building than planned may be required.

waffle box house disadvantage 2Planning to build a house ug need ug advice. See the advantages and the disadvantages first, there you can decide for yourself. Kana man gud waffle crate/box maayo lang na pang commercial ug industrial building. Why box building technology (solid concrete construction) is cheaper, durable, fast and better than CHB. 1. The BOX BUILDING TECHNOLOGY uses a precise wall thickness spacer or insert that keeps the walls flat and straight. This include sound, wind, fire, and termites to name just a few of the advantages. For some people the necessity of climbing stairs from level to level may be known as a disadvantage.

A ‘Waffle Pod’ slab is now probably the most common Concrete ‘Raft’ House base. Waffle Box Building Technology Contact Us FREE NewsLetter! Houses for sale in Philippines cost a lot lower than exactly the same kind of home in the other states in United States, this means you can buy an intricate home for the money you’ve. Getting your homes Philippines available to complete amenities like pools, courses, and play grounds is definitely an advantage-plus situation for just about any urban occupant. Many other companies have recognized the Waffle-Crete benefits around the world Here is a sampling of some of projectsThe system has been used for a wide range of projects and projects sizes in a wide range of conditions From a small building here in Hays (Sternberg Museum) to a monstrous 16,000 unit apartment project in Guatamala PII cast the panels for the officer housing in Kwajalein and shipped them in for erection. The Waffle-Crete Advantage 8 When compared to conventional brick & block construction, The Waffle-Crete Advantage 9. More Examples of Waffle-Crete Projects 43Officer Housing Kwajalein Military Base.

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waffle box house disadvantage 3The Sales Consultant originally gave us a quote for a Waffle Void Forming slab, which he said w. Or is the sales consultant trying to take advantage of first home builders. The bottom reinforcement is laid on the ground and cardboard boxes (waffle pods) are placed to form the voids between the beams that would normally be just dirt. Hi All, I’ve been watching some houses being built around my area recently and noticed something I haven’t seen before. Like anything they have there advantages and disadvantages, I would recommend though the garage not be waffle slab as one good hit with a hammer can put a hole in it. There is only one advantage of waffle pod slab construction – reduced cost. The waffle pod slab is no more than a slab of concrete placed on the. They are many and varied, and each has advantages and disadvantages depending on climate, distance from source of supply, budget, maintenance requirements and desired style or appearance. Waffle pod slabs are an effective structural solution where required for geotechnical reasons but should be used only on sites with moderate to reactive soils because the additional steel and concrete used wastes embodied energy on stable sites. Construction detailing and timber stability are critical to retain airtightness and thermal performance (see box ‘Log walls’).

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