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Find out the essential walk in closet dimensions to help with your closet design. The measurements on this page are all about component parts, like hanging bar height, shelf height and depth and drawer measurements. Minimum dressing space. Pin It. This walk in closet design features a double depth rod system where the front rods move to reveal the back rod. Minimum width: In order to hang clothing on opposite walls of a walk-in closet, the closet must be a minimum of 72 inches wide after drywall (75 inches is even better). This is based on hanging clothing on the side walls requiring 2 feet of depth, a 2 foot wide walkway on either side of the 2 foot wide island.

walk in closet minimum depth 2I am thinking of doing some rearranging of the closets in my house in order to make my hall bathroom larger. I think a good depth for hanging clothes is about 18 inches, so that will leave about 21 inches for a walking path area in the closet. I want to build a walk-in-closet along a 10 foot wall. A doorway thru closet into bathroom from bedroom. The 7 ft seems a reasonable minimum. Dead end closets might get away w/ 6 feet (2 ft each side for clothes and 2 ft standing room). When designing a walk-in closet, get a good idea of the minimum width the closet should be, which is essential in dictating just how much space any bedroom requires to have a walk-in closet. Since the walk-in also has depth, closet rods can be hung on one wall and shelving on the other, which is important to consider when choosing your walk-in closet size.

Offering more depth and space than a traditional reach-in closet, walk-ins are frequently found in master bedroom suites and loved for their versatility and storage opportunities. Walk-in closets can be a few square feet or as large as a bedroom. Top shelf should be at least 14 to 16 inches in depth so large items can be stored overhead Allow accessory drawers and shelving be the first things you see when you walk in, to give the closet an open feel The top shelf should run completely across the closet, and around all three walls in a U-shaped closet. Walk-in closets were invented to overcome the more obvious limitations of reach-in closets. The price you pay, however, is that walk-in closets take up a lot more bedroom floor space. The minimum depth of a reach-in closet is 2 feet (we use 25 ), for a walk-in closet the minimum depth is a whopping 6 feet (7 feet is better) to allow for walk space.

Minimum Walk-in Closet Size?

modern kitchen cabinet handles and pulls 3Closet sizes and standard closet dimensions and measurements by length, width. Walk-in closet size, type, organizing. While planning on adding some cloths storage space you should consider not only the bedroom allowances and style, but minimum depth of the closet. Design; Top shelf should be at least 16 inches in depth so large items can be stored overhead. Minimum Depth. Reach-in closets are typically installed where there’s not enough available space for a larger walk-in closet. But even with a reach-in closet, you need enough depth so that your clothes will fit between the back wall of the closet and the door when they’re hanging perpendicular to the wall. Get a good set of measurements for your reach in or walk in closet, the specific bedroom closet systems you plan to put in there, and yourself too. Even with a walk in design you still need a minimum of 22 inches (55-60cm) for your hanging depth. A walk-in closet should be designed with a minimum depth of four feet from the door. It should be the full height of the bedroom to provide room for shelves and closet rods. The minimum width of the closet depends upon the type of storage (shelves, cabinets, built-in drawers, etc. Most building codes have no ‘standards’ nor ant requirements for minimum closets sizes or requirements for closets in homes at all. Add for thick winter coats and closet depths need to be at LEAST 30 deep. The Make-or-Break Rules of a Good Closet Reach in or Walk-in, DIY or professionally desi.

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