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Stills from a recent fancam of a rookie girl group member’s dance performance have gotten much buzz on internet forums due to the epic wardrobe malfunction that can be seen. Performance costumes don’t always behave as they’re supposed to.You never know what could go wrong in the midst of all that furious dancing. Here are some K-Pop idols’ most unfortunate wardrobe moments!From EXO, to Girls’ Generation, Sistar, and Big Bang, no one is safe from wardrobe malfunctions. Recently, male idols were shown experiencing outfit malfunctions. Let us now see who among the K-pop female idols have been a victim of their own wardrobe.

wardrobe malfunction kpop 2The sensational success of K-Pop comes from not only the hit songs but the energetic dancing during live performance as well. Check out some of the moments when these K-Pop idols had their most unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. K-Pop 28 Most Disastrous Wardrobe Malfunctions Yeo Minjung & More. Reblogged By: De De Tillman; Asian Celebrity Blogger. Source:Koreaboo. Media:Koreaboo. Posted: Tuesday January 27, 2015 3:38 a.m PST. Miss A’s Suzy has become one of the hottest trending topics on social media due to a small incident on the 3rd Gaon Chart KPop Awards. miss A performed their hit song Hush on the show and Suzy encountered some problems with her outfit during their performance.

Ads: Closer View / Wardrobe Malfunction – EXO, SHINee, 2PM, BTS, Big Bang and more. Rookie girl group member Goeun from Laysha, suffered an unfortunately wardrobe malfunction during a live stage performance. The video sweeping the internet shows Goeun doing. Next post Unpretty Rapstar’s Truedy and Heize Headline 1st L.A. K-Pop Club Night. Kpop Accidents On Stage Wardrobe Malfunctions See more about Wardrobe Malfunction, Kpop and Wardrobes.

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wardrobe malfunction kpop 3We’re sure this hasn’t been the first wardrobe malfunction to befall on a K-pop idol, can you think of any more? Sound off in the comments!. OOPS: Miss A Suzy suffers a slight wardrobe malfunction at the Gaon Chart K-POP Awards. by KrisE on Thu, Feb 13, 2014. Here is the award performance where you can see Suzy’s unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at the 1:52 minute mark. Fanpop original article: iSHINee’s Taemin suffered a wardrobe malfunction on ‘KBS Gayo Daejun’. The actual problem came with a wardrobe issue that had some fans smiling. Initially, SHINee’s multi-colored, tie-dye suits had some fans wincing, but the mood soon changed when maknae Taemin’s seams burst open during one of the dance moves.

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