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A minimalist fashion blog. FREE CAPSULE PLANNER DIY your capsule using Unfancy’s free planner. Simply print it out + play! Categories. Categories. P.S. Don’t miss Caroline’s capsule wardrobe planner, click to download it below! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you’ll know that instead of editing (and adding to) my wardrobe throughout the year, I like to batch my shopping and look at my wardrobe all at once at the beginning of a season. When it’s time to plan out my wardrobe for a new season, I usually stick to the same few steps: I look at my calendar to see what types of clothes I’ll need, I decide on an overall look, choose a rough colour palette, some key pieces and so on, and at the end I write a to-do list of everything I still need to shop for, repair or replace.

wardrobe planning blogs 2In fact, you are basically looking at my spring wardrobe with some maternity pieces thrown in. On who this capsule wardrobe plan works for: as with everything I blog about, I am only looking to find what might work for me. This is not a style blog. I don’t keep up much with trends or fashion. Step two: work through capsule wardrobe planner. I downloaded the wardrobe planner from Un-fancy and worked through it:. 7 Popular Wardrobe and Outfit Planning Apps Reviewed.

Follow Dallas Moms Blog on Bloglovin’ or subscribe to our daily newsletter for more great content!. I recommend considering a 4X4 wardrobe planner or reading the vivienne files blog-it seems the easiest way to achieve maximum flexibility. I wound up with more than 37 pieces in my wardrobe, I have a plan. Wardrobe Architect: 5 steps to plan your fall sewing. How to use the mid-summer sewing lull to get a jumpstart on the next season. July 23, 2015 37.

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While many have jumped on the clothes-purging bandwagon blogger Harben Porter has whittled her wardrobe down to 40 pieces, and popular lifestyle blogger, Oh Happy Day, has cut her closet down to an impressive, yet terrifying, twelve pieces the authority on the capsule wardrobe movement is Caroline Rector of Unfancy. According to Unfancy, a capsule wardrobe represents more time, more money, and more energy for the things in life that really matter (aka not your clothes). 150 Ways to Plan Your Spring Wardrobe, According to Madewell. Capsule wardrobes are a hot topic these days. Capsule wardrobes have been a big topic of discussion on many blogs recently, as well as in the End Closet Chaos Facebook group. Your Printable Guide to Creating Wardrobe Capsules Imogen Lamport of Inside Out Style has put together a great free downloadable resource to help you plan your capsule wardrobe. I had intended on sharing this blog post with you last week, however decided to let things simmer a little longer before pulling the trigger so to speak and I’m happy to report that I now feel more confident than ever in moving forward with my endeavor of creating what I have been calling an all seasons capsule wardrobe. Like I mentioned earlier this week, I discovered Caroline’s Capsule Wardrobe concept on her blog, un-fancy.com, and felt inspired to pare down my closet to my favorites and clean out some clutter. Project 333 definition of a capsule wardrobe: A small collection of 33 including clothing, shoes and accessories built for use during a 3 month period of time. I posted a list of my 33 items on my blog but have changed it since then, so will repost. Bernice, I plan to wear them as casual shoes, not to workout, so they count! No one has taught me more about the 10 item wardrobe than Jennifer Scott at The Daily Connoisseur. I’m looking forward to adding another chic blog to my reading list.

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Are you curious about planning a capsule wardrobe for fall? I was, so I blogged about it! Wardrobe in a week echoed in my brain for hours. This is the wardrobe planning tool I use to ensure every piece I make is efficient and wearable. Minimal capsule wardrobes, color schemes drawn from art and nature used in wardrobes, wardrobe building from scratch, travel capsule wardrobes. My plan now is to do this for my everyday wardrobe, which will be a little bigger, granted, but a cohesive look that I want to portray to the world. To help myself minimize, I started a carry-on closet challenge on my blog.

I am NOT a fashion blogger. It wouldn’t hurt to subscribe to their mailing listing for the month you are planning your wardrobe to get the deals IF you have the willpower to unsubscribe when your wardrobe is set!. Basic wardrobe planning strategies: learn how to build a wardrobe from the insideout that gets you noticed for all the right reasons. Subscribe To The Artistry And Strategy: Business Attire for Women Blog. Feather’s Flights a creative, sewing blog: Fall Wardrobe Planning See more about Fall Wardrobe, Sewing Blogs and Wardrobes. A capsule wardrobe is a minimalist wardrobe made up of around 30 basic pieces that can be mixed and matched to create numerous (often 100+) outfits. Once you’ve decided on your number, plan your wardrobe. The key to creating a chic capsule wardrobe on a budget, however, it to have a plan, and a little bit of patience. So, what does that mean? That we must become clear about the wardrobe and style we want to exhibit, create a plan and be resolute in sticking to it, so that what we do have in our closet is regularly worn, looks outstanding and lasts. But what reading these magazines and perusing fashion blogs does is inform us all of what styles will be in stores, as well as how to bring items together to create stunning outfits that we may never have thought possible.