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IMPORTANT: this mod is no longer compatible with the latest USKP version because USKP fixed a handful of issues with weapon racks and edited the same script. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. So the weapon racks in my game won’t work in Breezehome or Proudspire Manor, even though I bought every upgrade before visiting the latter. I haven’t seen a fix yet but I haven’t looked that hard yet either,.good luck. 1. Page 1 of 44 – Overhauling the weapon rack scripts – posted in Unofficial Skyrim Patches: During the last week, I have been going through the weapon rack scripts and found many bugs and glitches that have not yet been adressed. After the possessive corpses fix had been implemented, those problems seemed to have largely gone, but they were actually just less frequently observable, since the possessive corpses fix only cleaned up left-over items and did not really touch the aforementioned problem.

canopy bed drapery ideas 2Irritatingly, the Ebony Blade refuses to be held by any weapon rack (whether wall mounted or free standing). And according to the comments in the USKP bug report, the mod, Weapon Display FIX fixes that issue for the Ebony Blade. I’m wondering whether anyone has made a fix only mod for the weapon rack, as I don’t want the basemant changed by the other mods. If not could someone who knows how to fix weapon racks please please make a fix for the rack, as it would make the house perfect. On my first file, I have totally unusable weapon racks in Whiterun and Riften. Faukner’s fix sounds feasible, except, as he said, for the windhelm house(the house I was planning on making my main one T.

If you want the weapon rack to always work, join the thieves guild in riften. Fixing the weapon rack problem hint for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In my player home I have weapon racks in different parts of the home. I’ve done everything that I could possibly think of to fix this without any luck. Not sure what it is. Apparently, there’s two weapon wall mounts; one above the Master Bed and one just outside of it. Those red plaques.


canopy bed drapery ideas 3It also adds a ton of weapons, and they can all be upgraded to have different effects with talents (ie: clubs can be leveled up to have a different effect than a short sword, wakizashi are different from short spears, AND OMG UNARMED HAS ITS OWN COMBAT TREE). -Artifacts that actually feel like artifacts: Another pet-peeve of my was when I finally got my hands on some badass daedric artifacts, often after having forced to do some pretty nasty things to get them, and then it turns out that my self-enhanted sword outperforms them in every way possible, making them a little more useful than a dust-trap on a weapon rack in one of the player homes. Weapon Racks in Hearthfire Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls V. Weapon Rack bug – posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Apologies in advanced if this is already fixed or old news. I tried a mod which was supposed to fix the issue but they grew twice the size they are supposed to be and randomly moved up and down through stuff. To fix this you have to sheathe or unsheathe your weapon or go to the items menu. You can fix weapons that suffer from this glitch by placing them on a weapon rack. Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorial How to make a Display Case for a weapon. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bug? Or is there actually no weapon rack? I have the weapon rack in Whiterun, and can definitely interact with it. You need to have a weapon out, and unsheathed in order to interact with it. Not sure, but seemed to fix the couple issues with my Solitude house.

Fixing The Weapon Rack Problem Hints And Tips For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim On X360