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Wyrm-Footed Bookshelf, 785, Gold. Wyrm-Footed Bookshelf Crimson Scroll Stand, 710, Gold. Crimson Scroll Stand. Weapon Rack, 695, Gold. Weapon Rack. Stars of the Spiral – Marleybone Crafted – We are a Wizard101 and Pirate101 Fansite. We devote ourselves to giving useful Information for everybody!. Formerly known as FUNCTIONAL WEAPON RACKS. Due to the expansion of this mod to include more than just weapons, the esp files had to be re-organized.

weapon rack wizard101 210 Weapon Rack (found in MB) 8 Broken Jail Cell (found in MS) 1 Carousel (found in DS). Weapon Rack Recipe:. I am very interesting about doing crafts and gardens while I play in Wizard101. A Fansite Blog Dedicated to Wizard101 and Pirate101. Weapon Rack. Here is my set up: I have a cluster of Honey Sickle, with a crafted Mooshu Weapon Rack sitting next to them (that is one of their likes); then next to them is a Venus Fly Trap and a Tropical Garden Gnome (that gives the Honey Sickle 4 things that they like); going a little bit over, I have a Snap Dragon, which the Fly Trap likes, and the Dandelions like and the Snap Dragon likes the Dandelions; then I have Dandelions and Tiger Lilly grouped together with Tropical Garden Gnomes and a ball of Blue Yarn.

It was on this lectern that he kept the instructional texts on various weapon techniques. A couple of weapon racks held his armory of considerable size, and his practice floor was covered in sewn together tatami mats. It’s an ice weapon giving six hits of 100 damage as well as two ice traps. Grapes of wrath are abit unusual as they dislike garden gnomes, but I have been speeding up their growth with a fickle pickle, they also like the crafted weapons rack. If the Wizard101 site says that the code has been redeemed, it means someone already got that code. Water-Mole Weapon Rack.

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Wizard101 World Instagram. If you are going to plant red grapes of wrath, place them nowhere near gnomes and add some Fickle Pickle’s and a Weapon Rack. Imagine Wizard101 without subscriptions, but still offered the crowns shop, training point buy back, second-chance boss chests, etc. A True warrior knows what weapons to take with them into battle. I had planned to do the Malistaire Mashie but Wizard101 was suffering from wizard-overload. Keep, switch, or put a whole weapon rack’s worth of wands in my pack? 2 Boss: Shahdee Boss’ Weapons: Dual Swords Princes Weapons: Spider sword Special Abilities: None Attacks: Simple Combo Shahdee doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word variety She uses the same sequence of moves as before, just more often and will occasionally kick you across the area. Either use a weapon from the other weapon rack or use the method mentioned earlier. 10. You come across a weapon rack. There are a few weapons/devices/things inside which will you take?

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