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Buy Spa Sensations Bed Wedge Pillow at Buy bed rest reading pillows, and backrest pillows at Brookstone. This is supposed to be a wedge reading pillow but it has no support to sit up in bed with. I should have sent it back but its too late now I’m sure and I already got rid of the box.

wedge pillow for reading in bed 2Extra-large wedge pillows are perfect for reading in bed and support your spine to avoid misalignment. Leg wedge pillows often have a curve in the middle to prop up your leg while keeping circulation flowing. This unique reading pillow provides extra support and cushioning for your back, so you can sit up comfortably reading in bed. The Company Store. Find great deals on eBay for Bed Wedge Pillow in Bed Pillows. Shop with confidence. Comfortable to use while sleeping, watching TV and reading on a sofa or bed.

CHECK PRICES. Wedge reading pillow. Web Linens Wedge Pillow. Super soft poly fill – cotton cover; 36 inches tall; Machine washable. The ExceptionalSheets Reading Wedge pillow is the perfect support pillow for lounging, watching TV, or reading. The shape of the reading wedge keeps you upright. We offer Bed Wedge Pillows, including Reading Pillows, Foam Wedges, Sleeping Wedges and more at a discount price!

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wedge pillow for reading in bed 3Get the support of an adjustable bed with our selection of bed wedges and back wedge pillows. Order online or at a local Relax The Back store! Downlite Hypoallergenic Reading Wedge Pillow Bed Pillows Nothing beats a good reading wedge for proper upright reading in bed (or on the floor or in the dorm). The best reading pillow helps you sit in a good position while it bed to read. Nothing beats a good reading wedge for proper upright reading in bed (or on the couch or in the dorms). We use a really durable 230 thread count EnviroLoft. Sleep well with bedroom comforts from and save. Free Shipping! Buy Reading Wedge Pillow: Bedding for your Dorm at I have serious spine issues that made it difficult for me to get comfortable in bed.

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Add The Leg Wedge Pillow For A Complete Bed Wedge Pillow System To Watch TV Or Read In Bed. A system for complete comfort, relaxation and relief of pain from poor posture related to watching TV or reading in bed. Me, I love using my wedge pillow for reading at night. It s funny, after all of the customer calls made, I have found some people who don t even have acid reflux or sleeping problems simply use the pillow as a prop to relax in bed. First off, I got my reading wedge pillow (notice how possessive I am?) absolutely gratis from a company called DownLite. It is like being held! And, I don’t have to spend hours trying to squish my pillows in just the right position when I read in bed! Looking for Wedge Pillow for Reading in Bed? Here you can find all information about Wedge Pillow for Reading in Bed. Specification and price of Wedge Pillow for Reading in Bed was revealed here.