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Did the appraiser say how tall the closets needed to be? That does not sound like a bedroom to me by any definition since there is no egress to the exterior. Defining a legal bedroom may seem simple, but despite clear building codes the process is wrought with grey areas. However, merely snoozing in a room doesn’t transform it into a bedroom. For real estate purposes — listings, appraisals and property taxes — your local housing authority defines a bedroom using a very specific checklist of requirements.

what defines a bedroom for appraisal 2Legal bedroom definition Find answers to this and many other questions on Trulia Voices, a community for you to find and share local information. Just wondering if there is a source that anyone may know of regarding the definition of a bedroom besides being a room larger than 90 square feet. How do you define a room? Does a bedroom need a closet? The comments below are based upon my appraisal experience and they are reasonable to use when evaluating a home.

I need know know if, to be considered a bedroom, a room has to have a door. We looked at a house not too long ago that’s listed as a 4BR, but I swear,. As iminurmefi pointed out, a den could be defined as a bedroom if it meets the code, but a den with a closet thrown in does not a bedroom make. If the appraiser insists that a closet-less room is worth less, or is not in fact a bedroom for the purposes of establishing similar house values, you could have a problem. You might doze off in the family room every night, but that won’t make it a bedroom when it comes time to sell the house. The distinctions are important when shopping for a home, when putting one up for sale, or when an appraiser or tax assessor is trying to determine a property’s value. Another key part of the definition of a bedroom is a window — and not just any window.

Home Selling: Legal Bedroom Definition

what defines a bedroom for appraisal 3Official definition of Bedroom in Louisville brought to you by one of the expert Louisville Realtors, Tre Pryor. Did you just get a low appraisal on your new home purchase? This definition can vary by jurisdiction, building type, and zoning for the particular lot. Assumptions about what constitutes a bedroom can differ substantially from the requirements of the different zoning codes. What defines a room as a bedroom. The number of legal bedrooms in a home is important to know from both safety and market value perspectives. Appraisal – The appraiser may have a view of the property that differs from the listing/selling agent and the county. If you still think it’s that simple to define a bedroom and therefore how many a home has, take a lootk at a dozen or two MLS listings and check the number of bedrooms that any one of these homes is suppose to have and then go check the county’s official tax records. Discussion about whether a closet is required for a bedroom to be considered as a bedroom for appraisal purposes and resale. They had been using one of the rooms in the house as a bedroom for their child, but in the appraisal I was not able to count it as a bedroom. The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal defines functional utility as follows:.

Rules About What Constitutes A Bedroom? (nc) (disclosure, Agent, Commission)

National Appraiser Roster. To varying degrees, these guidelines define Gross Living Area, Basements/Below Grade Floor Areas, Attics/Lofts/Low Ceilings, and Detached Buildings. Local codes may specifically define a bedroom. The HUD Handbook states: Bedroom Egress- All bedrooms must have adequate egress to the exterior of the home. What is it exactly that makes that room a bedroom? A few months ago an email was circulated as to what defines a bedroom. I would enjoy seeing an appraisal that includes a room that was less than 70 sqft with out a closet or door or window that called said room a bedroom. The IRC defines a closet as A small room or chamber used for storage. With appraisals being a bit volatile in this market the appraisal may be the problem if the appraiser has a differnet opinion on closets and bedrooms. When to Call a Room a Bedroom for an Appraisal. When looking to sell a home, you should know what constitutes a bedroom. Though this seems like a simple count, when the time comes to list a home properly, specifics are essential.