What Is Best Height For Chair Rail With 9′ Ceilings Sample Plans PDF

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Chair rail height is 36 inches to save the wall from chair dings, right? In fact, in rooms with 9-ft. to 10-ft. ceilings, this height is actually most appropriate for chair rail, and best falls within the rules of classical architecture (see photo, right). In one article,Gary Katz and Brent Hull discuss chair rail height. That height also looks good to my eye, either in an eight foot ceiling or a nine.

what is best height for chair rail with 9' ceilings 2In a room with either an 8 or 9 foot ceiling, the recommended Chair- Rail height is 36 or 42 inches respectively. Measure the height of the wall from floor to ceiling to determine the height of the molding if you simply want to use the molding as a design element to divide the wall into two sections. For example, if the wall height is 9 feet, the bottom of the molding will be 3 feet, or 36 inches above the floor. As the original purpose of the chair rail was to protect the wall from the chair, I suppose the proper height would still be..the height of the chair. The height of the chair. Once you get away from the practical function of the chair-rail, the over-riding concern wouold be proportion and what looks right.

Read on to find what your ideal height may be. If your room has 10-foot ceilings, the chair rail would look best at about 30 inches from the floor. As ceiling heights become more august in newly constructed houses, I think many people feel they must raise the height of the chair rail to be proportionate (fig. It is not a belt whose placement changes with the height of the person wearing it. The ceilings in the first room are about 12′ high, where the ceilings in the second are about 8′. Now imagine that the chair rail was at the height of the window bench in the green room. Right now dad is the one in the family with the mad skills to get the pretty stuff done.

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The original purpose of a chair rail was to guard the wall against damage the backs of errant chairs, but a chair rail can also lend definition and. The height of any paneling that will go above or below the chair rail. If you think molding of a particular shape would look good as a chair rail, use it, even if it is labeled for use as a baseboard or something else. I bought a new home last year with 9 foot ceilings and the chair rail in the dining room was at 26 What a waste and it was visually annoying. It would be a matter of visual proportion and do your best. Paint the crown molding a different color than the ceiling and the wall. Primed Base, and added a 2.25 Chair Rail installed at a height of 33 above the floor (to the top). Rails Ideas. Divide height by 5 then use multiples OR Divide by 3. So 42in or 36in for 9 foot ceilings. See how to find the right trim for the height of your ceilings and style of your room. The overall proportion of baseboard to wall height will be comfortable and pleasing. So in a room with a 9 foot high ceiling, a baseboard that’s about 8 inches tall works. So I’ve found that a good rule of thumb for sizing window and door casings is to keep them at about 50 percent of the height of the baseboard. Installing a chair rail, with or without wainscoting, will divide the vertical plane the walls into multiple areas.

Do Chair Rails Have An Ideal Height?

I put up hundreds of feet of trim: chair rail, crown molding, and dozens of shadow boxes. I have a 9-foot ceiling on my main floor, so my chair rail starts at 36-inches up from the floor. If you can get rid of the chair rail that would be best. Of course not! If it feels good to you and you like how it looks, that’s all that matters. My walls are standard height with a tray ceiling. I was thinking 65 -72. Commonly used with 10′-13′ Ceilings 9 – 24 Commonly used with 14’+ Ceilings, Plain Egg and Dart.

What’s the proper way to accommodate a chair rail (dado rail) when hanging items on the wall?. To my eye, the proper place to hang these objects is to center them between the ceiling and the chair rail. I could use to confirm that my super-high hangings are the best I can do, or convince me that it’s totally unacceptable to have these things hung way up there. Also, keep in mind that at 6’4, you’re a bit above average in height. May 9, 2008 Non-damaging wall hooks for framed pictures September 10, 2005.