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Tablecloth sizes for round, square, oblong, and rectangular tables by LinenTablecloth. Then you divide 40 by 2 (40/2 20) and 72 by 2 (72/2 36) which means your tablecloth will drop 20 inches widthwise and 36 inches lengthwise. (all measurements are in inches) Rectangular Tables Tablecloth size 60 x 120 90 x 132 90 x 156 Table size standard 30 height 4 ft Too large Too large Too large 6 ft Long side: about 15 dropShort side: about 24 drop Long side: To the floorShort side: To the floor Too large 8 ft Long side: about 15 dropShort side: about 12 drop Long side: To the floorShort side: about 18 drop Long side: To the floorShort side: To the floor Calculation for Rectangular tables Length of long side (inches): Length of short side (inches): Height (inches): Ideal size (inches): Length of long side + Height + Height Ideal size for the long side to touch floor Length of short side + Height + Height Ideal size for the short side to touch floor(all measurements are in inches) Table Overlays. Our most popular standard ROUND tablecloth size is 90 inches, this means the entire tablecloth is 90 inches in diameter, this size is most commonly used on 60 inch diameter (5ft) tables which allows for an all around tablecloth drop of 15 inches, the drop is the amouth of fabric that overhangs from the top of the table to the edge of the tablecloth fabric. 48 inch (4 feet) diameter, round patio style table.

what size tablecloth for 48 inch round table 2Linens – What Size Should I Use? Check with your caterer or rental company to see what size and color linens they have available. 4 ft (48) Round Table – Seats 4-6. To determine the size you need, measure the length and width (or diameter, if you have a round table) of your table and add twice the desired drop to each figure. Most tablecloths are made to suit a range of table sizes; measure your table and look on the back of the packages. Generally that equates to: To select the right cloth, add approximately 12 to 20 inches to the actual length and width of your table.

For a perfect fit round table cloth, measure across the top of the table. This measurement is the diameter of the table. Width 40 inches Length 58 inches Drop 6 inches The desired table cloth size would be: 40 inches + 6 inches + 6 inches 52 inches in width; 58 inches + 6 inches + 6 inches 70 inches in length. Perfect fit table cloth size would be 52 inch by 70 inch oblong. A chart for standard tablecloth sizes is an excellent tool for finding the perfect size you need for your next tablecloth purchase. For a round table you will to know the diameter. 8 Inch Drop. Rockford’s Only Specialty Linens Rental Company. The linen size you will want for this table will be a 120 inch round linen. If you choose to have an overlay you will want it to be around 72 inches square.

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what size tablecloth for 48 inch round table 3Once you know what to look for, finding the right size tablecloth the first time is a breeze. Hint: a standard banquet table is 30 inches high. Most all of our linens are available in the sizes listed below. Please refer to the Linens product pages (by Color or by Collection) for available colors, styles, sizes, as well as pricing. Round Table 48 diameter, 108 Round. A 4 foot square table, for example, will measure 48L x 48W. The round table pictured above has a diameter of 72 inches. That wasn’t too difficult! But knowing these dimensions can really help us figure out the best table linen sizes for our customers, especially since all tables are not made to the same specifications. Shows what tablecloth to use with what table size., also hang of tablecloths. 48, 71 X 71, 11. Designed to fit tables measuring up to 48 inch round. Learn More. Standard Tablecloth Sizes for rental tables. December 10, 2011 by admin.

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