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Omg, this is a GREAT idea, would of never thought to do this, I’m gonna steal the idea! Old tv cabinets are easy to find at thrift stores. I wanted to put a back on this piece, to do that, I needed to remove this lip across the bottom. Before unloading a TV armoire on the cheap or, even worse, setting one on the curb destined for the landfill, think about how it can still be used. The store used to retool vintage wardrobes into TV armoires, so she figured it could convert her TV cabinet into an office armoire. The interior design professor at Johnson County Community College assigned students to come up with new uses for old armoires.

what to do with old tv cabinet 2This old TV is now a fish tank TV..sure to keep the cats entertained! Sure to keep the cats entertained! (I promise I will do a post on my paint sprayer soon. Free TV cabinet, free paint from Dutch Boy, free knobs from an old project, free wood laying in my garage and free glaze and black paint I already had. Matt was nice enough to remove the tv parts from the cabinet for me. From what I understand, this is a very touchy thing to do since parts of it can actually implode! (Seriously, google it!) Anyway, if you are creating a project like this, use the utmost caution and safety, then dispose of the parts properly!.

Find great deals on eBay for Antique TV Cabinet in Post 1950 Antique Cabinets and Cupboards. This is such a fun idea to organize purses from an old tv cabinet! It would look great in a hallway, closet, or bedroom because it’s so nicely organized! Apartment Therapy Here is an unexpected outdoor toys’ organizer! There is so much you can do with this! In the garage, on a covered patio, back porch–just protecting it with the right paint and clear sealer and it should last well outside. Do the whole back wall in stone katlew318. EmbedEmailQuestion.

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what to do with old tv cabinet 3Well, i do have this guy across the room from the TV. Don’t those old tube based TV’s carry a charge for years and are dangerous to handle? What do you do with a wonderful sewing machine cabinet that no longer has a working sewing machine? Well you can use it as a decorative piece remembering days gone by or your can remove the sewing machine pick your favorite color and create a. An old dresser that gets upcycled into a Portable Bar want to know how? See what can be done to reuse an old TV found on the side of the road. Trash to Treasure TV to living room furniture transformation renovation. I can’t wait to see what you do with the old gun cabinet. What do you think about such TV armoires and cabinets? If this is the style that you’ve been looking for, feel free to browse through the offers that we have prepared for you and tell us what your favourite option is. My Brother-in-Law had this old console TV from the 50’s that he had planned to "rebuild" in his apartment for years. Awesome I have a old TV cabinet that I haven’t figured out what to do with yet. What in the world do we do with this old entertainment center? It went from old style tv cabinet to a bench under a big window for my cats to stretch out in the sun.

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Convert Old TV Cabinets Into State of the Art Play Kitchens. We do cook a lot and we have. Lori King at Pinterest has shared a wonderful repurposing idea of an old TV cabinet. Simply paint it and add a wine glass rack to a shelf and turn it into a wine bar. One Redditor, Perma4, decided to take their old TV cabinet and turn it into something awesome. We’re big fans of re-purposing or up-cycling old items, so we think this project is amazing. Debbie Williams had a very old TV cabinet that was out of use for a very long time. She came up with a brilliant idea to upcycle it into something useful.