Wheelchair Transfer Sample Plans PDF

The issues and care strategies listed are intended to provide general guidance on how to complete a safe wheelchair transfer. If the patient cannot use at least one leg, you will need to use a lift to transfer the patient. Before transferring into the wheelchair, the patient must be sitting. You can find in-depth tips and instructions into every type of wheelchair transfer possible. We also provide information on how to properly transfer a user from almost every type of surface.

wheelchair transfer techniques 2Transfer devices for elderly assist caregivers and patients alike. We have wheelchair transfer boards, transfer belts and wall mounted trapezes for less. Using this technique you will find it safer and easier to transfer a person from the wheelchair to the bed but not at the expense of your back. Transferring in and out of your wheelchair puts higher stress on your arms and shoulders than anything else you do on a regular basis. Learning the correct way to transfer is extremely important in order to keep your arms functioning and pain-free.

Padded belt with handles makes patient transfers and support easier. Video running time: 04.37 minutes. The film may take time to download depending on your broadband speed. To enlarge to full screen click on the arrows at the. Transfer boards assist users and caregivers in the safe transfer from wheelchair to car or bed.

Transfer Devices, Pivot Discs For Wheelchairs, Beds And Toilets

Transferring in and out of wheelchairs onto different surfaces is an everyday task, but one vitally important to independence and health. Floor Transfers – To transfer from the floor to a wheelchair, the patient first ensures that the wheelchair is upright and the brakes are locked. One of the following techniques is then used. Products that enable you to comfortably and safely get seated in your vehicle. Transfer seats are specially designed to help a person with a disability transfer from their wheelchair or scooter into a vehicle’s driver or passenger seat as an alternative to driving or riding while seated in their wheelchair. Transfers are one of the most physically demanding wheelchair activities. The purpose of this study was to determine if using proper transfer skills as measured by the Transfer Assessment Instrument (TAI) is associated with reduced loading on the upper extremities. To make patients move, certified nursing assistants can make use of transfer belt. Similarly, to shift the patient sit from bed to wheelchair, transfer belt can be used in order to ensure safety and security.

Safe Patient Handling

Features nonskid floor plates for chair stability and adjustable handles to accommodate different sized users. Uses disc weights (1 bore, not included).