Wheelchair Transfer Techniques Sample Plans PDF

The everything you need to know guide on a wheelchair transfer techniques, from Karman Healthcare. Find instructions, and other wheelchair resources. The technique below assumes the patient can stand on at least one leg. If the patient cannot use at least one leg, you will need to use a lift to transfer the patient. Before transferring into the wheelchair, the patient must be sitting. Wheelchair transfers take both strength and coordination – knowing the proper techniques will ensure the safety of your aging loved one.

wheelchair transfer techniques 2Floor Transfers – To transfer from the floor to a wheelchair, the patient first ensures that the wheelchair is upright and the brakes are locked. Side Approach – This technique is fast and requires less strength, but loose hamstrings are necessary. Here are some top tips for Chicagoland family caregivers for safer transfers from a bed to a wheelchair. For a new wheelchair user, getting familiar with turns and transfers is a difficult process. Master bathroom movement with wheelchair toilet transfer techniques.

This study aimed to describe techniques and factors influencing car transfer and WC loading for individuals with paraplegia driving their own vehicles and using their personal WCs. Vocabulary words for Transfer patient from bed to wheelchair using a pivot technique and a gait belt. Includes studying games and tools such as flashcards. Twenty individuals with spinal cord injury performed three transfer techniques from their wheelchair to a level tub bench. Two of the techniques involved a head hips method with leading hand position close (HH-I) and far (HH-A) from the body, and the third technique with the trunk upright (TU) and hand far from body.

Uneven Transfers

It’s important to know proper transfer techniques to protect yourself, so that you can continue providing the best care possible to your patient.