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Therma-Whelp the Original WHELPING BOX INCUBATOR Puppy Warming Systems for OVER 10 YEARS. A deluxe puppy/litter warmer. Established in 1973, Petnap has long history of manufacturing and supplying heated beds and pads and whelping boxes to the pet industry. We manufacture heated pet beds, pet bed heaters, pet heat pad, heat mats, heater pads, cat heat pads kittening heat mats, dog heat mats and heated dog, and cat beds. My girl is going to have pups, now I am sure. Many articles suggest spot heating in a whelping box, say a heating pad that covers about half of the bottom of the box. The pups can crawl in and out of warm zones to regulate.

whelping box heater 2Heating Pad for whelping boxes. Temperature controlled heating pad. Whelping box heater. For example: place the heat pad down and put a couple of blankets on top of it, then place the whelping box on top of the blankets to weigh it down, so there is no chance of the pad getting directly next to the pups skin. Puppies should always be monitored to make sure they do not get themselves into trouble. Since our pups are whelped indoors, we put an extra space heater in the whelping room and keep the temp higher. I also use new socks filled with rice and placed in the microwave for a minute or two..they get warm and I cover them with towells or blankets and put them in a basket.

Vinyl Cat dog bed pet whelping box puppy electric heat pad heater mat See more about Whelping Box, Dog Beds and Vinyls. I like how they built the stand to keep the heating lamps above the whelping pen. Hi guys Im just wondering what type of heating is best for the whelping box? I have heard infra-red are the best because puppies and the mum cant ove.

Whelping Box Heating Pad

whelping box heater 3One of the things you will need for the safe birthing and raising of the pups is a whelping box. You will want a sturdy box that is easy to clean and draft free. Some people use heat lamps or heating pads and others just keep the heat in the room at a consistent 75 degrees for the first few days. I used your plans to build my whelping box for my German Shorthaired Pointer. However, because it is mounted through the wall at the top of the box, there are no exposed cords for Raven or the pups to chew on and no one can lay against the heater. Armature with ceramic socket for ceramic heater and infrared heating lamps. Aluminum framework, ceramic socket, hanging chain, 3 meters cable grounded EU plug. Meets all safety. Frequently Asked Questions about whelping, puppies, Dog Breeding and BreederBase, Dura-Whelp, Therma Whelp, whelping boxes, etc. Find great deals on eBay for Puppy Whelping Box in Dog Beds. Shop with confidence. Petnap Vinyl heated Cat dog bed pet whelping box, Puppy electric heat pad mat. PETSafe CE 220v whelping box heat pad for welping puppies, Animal heater mat. Petnap Vinyl heated Cat dog bed pet whelping box, Puppy electric heat pad mat. FREE Car Adaptor RRP 4.99.

Vinyl Cat Dog Bed Pet Whelping Box Puppy Electric Heat Pad Heater Mat

Here are some initial ramblings on Whelping boxes. The single biggest reason for loosing puppies is a poorly designed whelping box. And all the commercial products fail in one or more ways. The solution is to provide a heating pad and warm the puppies from below. Not going to mince words here people, getting yourself set up with the right whelping box and puppy pen layout for that litter of Gordon Setter pups is as important as finding the right mattress for a good night’s sleep. I’ve always preferred the heat lamp to a heating pad as I’m paranoid that the bitch will chew the electrical cord on the heating pad where with using the heat lamp and hanging it down from the ceiling the cord can be kept out of her reach.