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Gestation period, whelping box, preparing for the puppies, and video of puppies being born. Petco, You can usually get these used at used baby shops or new at Toys R Us and Sears or Walmart online 45. Just want to know what kind of whelping box you guys use for your litters. I even see that the 8 panels by precision is on sale thru petco, if i get two of them I also get free shipping! I think the 8 panels’ 24×30 will work for me. Should look into something of the like. Drymate Green Dog Whelping Box Liner at Petco See more about Whelping Box, Puppy Room and Boxes.

whelping box petco 2If you build a whelping box from our design, send us a photo. Whelping box with guardrails (big enough for dam to stretch out) with rails that prevent the mother dog from accidently squashing the pups against the sides). Drymate Green Dog Whelping Box LinerThe Drymate Whelping box liner is the ideal solution for your litter of puppies. Liner can be cut to fit whelping box; edges will not unravel and entangle puppies.

We recently had a litter of boxer puppies. I moved them out of their whelping box/room and they are now in a open pen/kennel. They are 18 – 24806. Large, 17.5L X 30W, Half round shape fits easily through the door of the Igloo-Style home and allows for the pet to stay on or off the heated surface. Finally, what is the best design for a whelping box? I want to have supplies ready for when she is ready to give birth. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this.

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Whelping box liner serves dams and puppies from birth to weaning: absorbent fabric contains liquids, it’s washable for a sanitary whelping area, and it provides sure footing for puppies. Shopping. Pet Supplies – PETCO Dog T-Shirts (for People) Dog Shirts (for Dogs) Dog Books Dog Insurance. A plastic kiddie pool is also used by many as a whelping box. Purchase quilted 3-layer underpads or laminated pads for puppy whelping and general health care. The whelping box is the single biggest item needed. It should provide enough room for the bitch to lay and stretch out comfortably without being so big that the puppies get ‘lost. Location: NY – Petco Commack (631) 462-1643 Map: 30 Veterans Memorial Hwy Commack NY 11725 See all of the animals attending this event. Adoption Day at Petco Patchogue – May 14th. OK, let’s discuss about dog breed test at petco from another angle.

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A week later, I had 2 big boxes of things. It’s like Christmas all over again and I felt like a little kid getting to open packages that I had no idea what I would find when opened. Petco Adoption Event Burlington, VT. Some idiot left a Golden Retriever in a 107 degree dryer at Petco and it died of heat stroke. I sent her pictures of the dog’s pen and fencing and whelping box and even some glimpses of hogwire, bobwire, and our old wooden barn. Petco Premium 2-door Training Crate Model 600 (used) in Box Small Dog. Buy online Drymate green dog whelping box liner from Petco. Buy Dog from Pets Go Nuts, Petindiaonline, Olive Planet.

Make sure you are available when whelping is eminent, because some of the Shih Tzu’s have a tendency to come breech. Whelping box – ours measures 2′ x 3′ and 1 x 12 boards are used and some 1 x 1 on the ends. The fence was bought at Petco and PetsMart. Apr 29 4 x 7 Whelping Box For Sale 40 (El Mirage) map. Once puppies are able to walk they automatically want to leave their den in order to eliminate, so I just place the grass potty patch in the whelping box and they eventually gravitate to it on their own. The Potty Patch can be purchased at PetsMart, Petco, and most pet stores. I went into petco to do a little Christmas shopping for the dogs, and to pick up some food for Vixen (17 yo doxie). I’m no expert but a) the price suggests they are BYBs b) the website is very amateurish, not that quality of website quality of breeding, but once you read through the website – it just ‘feels’, well, amateurish c) seems like they breed too many litters, indicative of a BYB d) didn’t see any details about health testing of the parents and pedigree info e) I had to wipe my eyes to make sure i was seeing correctly but it looks like one of hte litters of pups is on a raised bed, not a whelping box.