When To Stain Pressure Treated Lumber Sample Plans PDF

Over several months, pressure-treated Southern Pine lumber will weather naturally to an appealing silver-gray color. Varnish finishes and solid-color stains are not recommended for fences because they will not withstand sun and rain and will require frequent refinishing. Mill glaze when cut; High moisture content; Chemicals in Pressure Treated Wood. Continue Reading. Stain or seal dry wood – the time it takes for wood to dry out depends on the climate and the wood’s exposure to the sun. In some cases ProWood pressure-treated lumber has water repellent applied during the pressure-treating process.

when to stain pressure treated lumber 2QUESTION: I am building several outdoor projects with pressure-treated wood. I’ve been told that the wood should be stained. I was under the impression that pressure-treated wood would last in its.

Pressure-treated Wood Still Needs To Be Stained

Sealers & Finishes For Pressure-treated Lumber