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I am still using my changing table for every diaper with my twins but they are getting big and I am starting to wonder how long I will use it for. When did you stop using your changing table?. My son is walking now but at bed time he jsut about still fits on his changing table. so i put his pjs on there at bedtime before his bottle..he is nearly one. The post about a baby falling off the changing table reminded me.

when to stop using changing table 2Babies can get hurt if they fall off changing tables, so they should always be watched closely. Stop using your changing table when your baby reaches the age or weight limit recommended by the manufacturer, which is typically age 2, or 30 pounds (13,607 grams). I never used a changing table, so I’ll just say.. whenever you get tired of lifting him up there. The bed or floor always worked just fine for us. We stopped using Logies change table all together about a week ago, but even then I hadnt used it for ages, it was DP. Logan lies down on his little couch when he wants his nappy changed, so I am happy to do it on the floor.

She will not just lay there for a diaper change at any time during the day. When do you usually stop using the changing table? I am curious what you do with the stuff that you need to change them with if you do it in the floor or on the bed. Stop using your changing table when your baby reaches the manufacturer’s age or weight limit, which is typically 2 years or 30 pounds. I am thinking of having DH disassemble the changing table and put it into storage. It is a chifferrobe that has a ton of storage underneath etc so even after we stop using the top for a changing area we will still use it for the storage purposes.

Choosing Safe Baby Products: Changing Tables

We changed DD1’s diaper on the changing table (contour pad on the dresser) until she was 2. One of the items that we passed on was a changing table. Even when we stop using it as a changing table, its a pretty good shelf unit and it fits well in the corner we’ve got it in. If you’re looking for baby advice on when to stop using your changing table, this is definitely the video for you! We just use it to change poop diapers and it would REALLY be nice to. I stopped using the changing table around 4 months. If it weren’t attached to the bed, I would have gotten rid of it due to limited space. Stopped using it when my daughter started rolling and fighting nappy changes. We stopped using the changing table when my daughter was 19 months. Whichever style of changing table you choose, never leave your baby alone on it- for even a moment. Be sure to stop using your changing table once your little one reaches the manufacturer’s weight or age limit, which is typically 30 pounds or 2 years old.

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Keep safety in mind when purchasing and using your new changing table. Choose from various types of changing tables and improve them with a selection of accessories. Once the child weighs too much for the changing table, stop using it. A changing table is pricey but worth it. I never had one with my son as I didn’t think it was necessary. However, my knees and back suffered. Since using one with my daughter, my back and knees are much better and it makes bathing her a lot easier.