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Because these Hoosier Cabinets were so loved by the women of the era many other companies began making their versions. The first Hoosier-style cabinet was made by a furniture manufacturing company named Sellers in 1898 in Elwood, Indiana. Many contribute the name of the cabinet to this company, while others contend it is named after the nickname for Indiana as that is where most of the cabinets were manufactured. The Hoosier cabinet, a freestanding cupboard equipped with ingenious mechanical devices, consolidated storage and maximized the efficiency of kitchen labor, thereby alleviating some of the most exasperating aspects of the middle-class housewife’s daily responsibilities. This article examines how a modest item of Indiana-made furniture came to alter the course of kitchen history. The factories of the rapidly growing manufacturing sector were hungry for labor, and, despite poor pay and significant hardships, employment in book binderies, paper mills, and button shops often proved more appealing than domestic service, with its preponderance of fickle and unreasonably demanding employers.

when were hoosier cabinets made 2Includes: where to buy a hoosier-style cabinet, anatomy of a hoosier cabinet, antique baking cabinet manufacturers, and identifying an authentic antique hoosier-style cabinet. These cabinets, produced by Hoosier as well as a number of other manufacturers, were designed to make kitchen work more efficient for the busy women of this era. As you shop, you’ll see examples made out of various wood species like pine or oak, as well as enameled metal. I love Hoosier Cabinets not only for their beauty and step saving function but also because my Grandparents worked there. They were married in 1919 and moved from Clinton Co., Ky. to New Castle, Ind. Find great deals on eBay for Hoosier Cabinet in Antique Cabinets and Cupboards From the Early 1900's. Nice example of an era gone by when life was simpler and things were made to last and function as designed.

S25 antique oak sellers hoosier bakers kitchen cabinet enamel top flour bin. Hoosier cabinets were built by many different manufacturers. Most of the company’s competitors were also based in the Hoosier State Sellers of Elwood, Boone of Lebanon, and Coppes Nappanee offered comparable products in the first few decades of the twentieth century. The classic Hoosier cabinet stood six feet tall, was made of oak, pine, or later enamel, and featured closeted upper and lower storage spaces, bisected by an often collapsible wooden, zinc or porcelain counter.

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We sell original Hoosier Cabinet canisters and spice jars that were included with all Hoosier style cabinets when they were new. We deal for the most part in original glassware made by Sneath, but also in depression kitchen glassware made by Owens-Illinois, Hocking, Hazel Atlas and others which can be found in the Other Canister Styles section. The wood table tops of the early Hoosiers were coverd with zinc sheet metal. Did you know they were made in Indiana and the nickname for people from Indiana is Hoosiers? Connie. The bakers cabinet, kitchen cabinet, or more commonly known, the Hoosier. At that time, factory workers were paid by the piece when building cabinets. So with the help of a talented artist at a local screen printing shop in New Windsor, MD, we had silk screens made to reproduce the exact images. The multi-tasking cabinet she used so efficiently might well have been made by the Hoosier Manufacturing Co. Many furniture dealers of the period were reluctant to sell kitchen cabinets, so Hoosier developed a network of exclusive dealers backed up by an advertising campaign in women’s magazines and even the Saturday Evening Post. That was the idea behind the popular Hoosier cabinet, which sped meal delivery with metal-lined flour bins, cookbook holders, a calendar, a grocery list wheel, and a flour sifter plus handy nutritional charts. Legacy: Cabinets with blind-corner pullouts, built-in spice racks, and Tupperware organizers. Is there any way to tell for sure if the cabinet I have was made by Hoosier Manufacturing? Hoosier cabinets were an essential piece of kitchen furniture in the early 20th century. What made them really effective in the kitchen, though, was their slide-out workshelf.

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This knob is used for drawers of most Hoosier brand cabinets. Bin pull used on early cabinets made by Wilson, Napanee, and others. They were made primarily in Indiana (hence the name) by several companies, among them The Hoosier, Sellers, McDougall, Napanee, Wilson, Boone and others. 1919 Elwood Co, IN newspaper ad on SELLERS KITCHEN CABINETS Contributed by: Rosemary Evon revon earthlink. Hoosier’s men and eventually all people from Indiana were called Hoosiers. While I don’t recognize the label you are describing (and I know the Hoosier brand very well)following is a list of the main cabinet makers who made Hoosier STYLE cabinets. I was also assuming that you were right and yours is an actual Hoosier brand cabinet but many other brands such as Seller had the same configuration you describe so the first step is to make sure yours is actually a Hoosier. Millions of Hoosiers, almost all manufactured by companies in Indiana, were sold before styles changed and built-in kitchen cabinets became the rage in the 1940s. The doors and cabinet sides are made with routed stiles and rails.

Mice had made homes in the drawers and the bread drawer was missing. These cabinets are commonly called Hoosier Cabinets as they were mostly made in Indiana. (Though many companies made Hoosier cabinets, the name derives from the Hoosier Manufacturing Co. Not only did the shelf provide much needed work space, but all the tools and staples required for producing baked goods and other foods were arranged within easy reach. A Baker’s Cabinet has loosely been refered to as a Hoosier cabinet due to the large number sold by The Hoosier Manufacturing Company in the 1900’s. Double wide with lots of storage 1695.00; 1920’s Oak 34 Hoosier made by Mc Dougal.