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Any way you slice it red cedar and white cedar are wonderful materials for constructing fences but we prefer white cedar. Here’s why. Northern White Cedar fence boards have cells that absorb very little water or moisture. This gives it natural inhibitors to fight off rot and decay. Red cedar has always typically been almost twice the cost as white cedar, however because we have started buying in such large quantities, we are able to provide this great wood for a cost very close to typical white cedar.

white cedar fence 2Red cedar is generally considered the optimal material for wood fences, since it’s a little bit tougher when it comes to installation than eastern white cedar. Is it a White Cedar fence? Or is it Red Cedar? Northeastern United States and Central and Eastern Canada has locally grown Cedar, Eastern White Cedar or Northern White Cedar but the real Western Red Cedar is a very different material for a couple of different reasons. A Northern White Cedar picket fence is discussed and installed.

Where does Northern White Cedar come from? It’s unique to the Northeast region of North America. Cedar Fence. Free DIY tutorial to save half the cost of fence panels! So I thought, what if we built a privacy fence between the garage and house, and then when Mom says Clean the yard! it means throw everything over the fence. There are numerous reasons why Elyria Fence demands Northern White Cedar for its fences. The most important are its long life and durability. Through time, White Cedar will weather out to a gray.

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white cedar fence 3Located in the heart of Northern Maine’s vast forestland, we use sustainably harvested Northern White Cedar and the world’s most environmentally friendly and energy efficient manufacturing process to produce beautiful fence products that are shipped throughout the Northeast United States. Lang Development is one of New Castle County’s leading builders. They are in the midst of re-creating Main St along the University of Delaware stretch. In the mid 1990’s to early 2000’s a new entry made it to the East Tennessee market, a Northern White Cedar fence lumber touted to last for generations. Where can you find PVC vinyl low maintenance wood fence? So your customer wants the look of white cedar, but doesn’t want to have to deal with the yearly maintenance, the warping, the cracking, the splitting, the well, you get the point.

Wood Fence FAQs: Northern White Cedar