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The United Kingdom Cabinet Mission of 1946 to India aimed to discuss and plan for the transfer of power from the British government to Indian leadership to provide India with independence. The Congress proposed Zakir Hussain among its quota of 5 nominees to the interim council. Objecting to the decision, on 29 July 1946, Jinnah announced that his party would not participate in the process to form the Constituent Assembly. Who among the following was the leader of Cabinet Mission?.Indian History Questions and Answers. The first gathering of the leaders of the princely states, leading to the formation of the All India States people s Conference place in (A) 1923(B) 1927(C) 1931(D) 1935Ans: (B)5. Who among the following was not a member of the Cabinet Mission?

who among the following was the leader of cabinet mission 2The three Cabinet ministers would be Pethick Lawrence, Sir Stafford Cripps and A.V. Alexander. Secretary of State Pethick-Lawrence and Cripps, the sharpest brains among them, made no secret of their personal friendship for the Congress leaders. A resolution passed unanimously by the Convention (the Delhi Resolution ) stated that no formula devised by the British Government for transferring power to the peoples of India would be acceptable to the Muslim nations unless it conformed to the following principles:. Azad, the president of the Congress, conferred with the Mission on April 3 and stated that the picture that the Congress had of the form of government in future was that of a Federal Government with fully autonomous provinces with residuary powers vested in the units. Cabinet Mission. Early in 1946, the Labour Government dispatched an all-party parliamentary delegation to India to meet Indian leaders and convince them of the British desire for an early settlement of the Indian constitutional issue. The lady Congress leader who went underground during the Quit India Movement was —-?. Who among the following was NOT a member of the Cabinet Mission?

A second plan to partition India was forwarded by Bengali leaders in April 1947 who wanted to dissect India to carve out an independent Bengal — this ignonimous plan was known as Suhrawardy-Sarat Bose Plan. Who among the following leaders proposed to adopt Complete Independence as the goal of the Congress in the Ahmedabad session of 1920? 2001. (c) Cabinet mission plan came into being in may 1946. Who among the following organized the famous Chittagong Armoury raid? LaxmiSehgal. SuryaSen.

Cabinet Mission Plan (1946)

Which one of the following acted as the Provisional President of the Constituent. It had to be assessed and weighed up by the Indian leaders and by public opinion so that, during this period of waiting, there was a great deal to be done by way of explanation, elucidation and persuasion, to try to convince those responsible that they should agree to our suggestions and proposals. On 25th The commission held intense consultations with Jinnah, the leader of the Muslim League and Azad, the President of Congress, and in May 1946 presented the so-called Cabinet Mission Plan. The Cabinet Mission Plan envisaged a united India with a federal government consisting of three groups. On July 10, 1946, during a question and answer period following a news conference in Bombay, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru stated that the Congress party was not bound by the stipulations of the Cabinet Mission Plan. Which of the following Indian leader who attended all the Round Table Conferences? Progressive political empowerment of their leaders over the period of time by British Government seemed to have been proving costly to the British Empire, in fact it was a counterproductive boomerang effect which started making the firm rooted British Empire in India shaky at almost all fronts. Alexander, the First Lord of the Admiralty The solution offered by the Cabinet Mission Plan of 16th May 1946, had among other items the following chief ones. C. Rajagopalachari (CR), the veteran Congress leader, prepared a formula for Congress-League cooperation. Council would be nominated from amongst leaders of Indian Political life. The decision to send Cabinet Mission was taken in January 1946.

The First Indian Leader Trying To Prevent Partition Of India

The Cabinet Mission to India was consisted of the Secretary of state Pethick Lawrence, Sir Stafford Cripps, and the President of the Board of Trade and A. The Congress President felt delighted that the Cabinet Mission rejected the partition proposal. Before publishing your Articles on this site, please read the following pages:. Who among the following was NOT a Communist leader.