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A week went by and I contacted the doctor to get my lab results, and he told me that I had slightly elevated liver counts that was consistent with a infection, but everything else was OK. Yellow stool can be associated with gallbladder disease. In other words, the stool in diarrhea from any cause may be yellow. Two common causes of loose stool or diarrhea are GI tract infections or maldigestion (e. Yellow stool can indicate that food is passing through the digestive tract relatively quickly.

why is my stool yellow and loose 2What are symptoms of stool color changes? What does it mean when your stool color changes in color, texture, or form? Stool that differs from the norm in terms of color and consistency could indicate illness or infection. Yellow, loose stools are an uncommon stool variety and may indicate. Lately I’ve been having loose, yellow stool. Almost loose enough to be diarrhea, but still formed enough not to be. Cramps in my lower abdomen, extreme stomach pains, itchy anus (which is what leads me to believe it s some sort of worm), lose of appetite, dehydration (I m always extremely thirsty all the time, from morning to night), constant headaches.

When the stool is loose, full of mucus and is yellow in color, it is typically the result of a food intolerance. My dog recently started having diarrhea since last night/this morning. Pale white or yellow stool also can mean a problem. Diarrhea happens when loose, watery stools pass through your bowels too quickly. Find out what color changes, diarrhea, and frequency of baby poop may say about your baby’s health. When it comes to diarrhea, parents sometimes have a hard time knowing what they’re dealing with because infants’ stools are naturally loose. That’s why infants often have yellow stools, because they have a very fast transit time, Steinmetz says. Is My Baby Typical?

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why is my stool yellow and loose 3Will my baby’s poos change if I switch from breastmilk to formula milk? Lighter in colour, changing from a greenish-brown to bright or mustard yellow. This yellow poo may smell slightly sweet (NCT 2010, NHS 2013). Loose in texture. Bright yellow stools can also indicate not enough bile / bilary obstruction. 7. Chronic diarrhea occurs when loose or more frequent stools persist for longer than two weeks. For my daughter this would include any kind of bean, nut, seed, grain, vegetable, popcorn, etc. Have you ever had like yellow mucus along with your diarrhea? I have loose stool if it’s my 3rd bm of the day and sometimes i gives me a slight cramp perhaps signalizing that i need to poop? Not painful though, maybe in a pain level of 1-2 out of 10. Stools should generally have the same color, size and consistency each and every time. I’ll be the first to admit that I stand outside watching each and every performance of my dogs’ poop show. Yellow-orange or pasty, light stools. If your yellow stool persists for more than a day or two or causes you concern, seek prompt medical care. I wanted to get a broaden my research to see if there are other perspectives that might be helpful as well. Whether it s caused by a meal that just didn t sit right, or a harmful bacterium or virus, it’s categorized by loose stool, and another hallmark of GI trouble — discomfort. Diarrhea is the abnormal and often frequent passage of loose stools. It might be a scary experience, depending on how loose your puppy’s stool is and how frequently your puppy is moving its bowels. Yellow or greenish stool is an indicator of bowel hypermotility.

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My stool has not been constant yellow, it has changed between between brown and yellow. Some are loose and some are very hard and clay like with red blood on it.