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Yellow mucus in stool remnants can in some cases be a cause for concern. Because yellow stools in general can refer to troubles with various organs. Bloody Mucus in Stool – Is Something Wrong with My Bowels? While finding mucus in your stool can be alarming, some mucus in the stool is normal. Mucus has a jelly-like quality and can be either white or yellowish in color. Mucus in stool and different color stool can be normal as well as signs about your digestive health. In a healthy digestive system, the stool passes from the small intestine to the colon and changes color along the way, from green to yellow to brown.

why is my stool yellow and slimy 2In the following article we will focus on why yellow mucus in stool comes about and what one is to do about this condition. We will also learn if this is a dangerous condition to be diagnosed with and what it spells for you. Details on why there is mucus around my stools sometimes when I go to the bathroom and the possible relation to ulcerative colitis. I have been having yellow mucus in my stool and it is rather terrible and smells bad. Symptoms depend on the underlying cause of the diarrhea. The stool may be bloody or contain green or yellow mucus. Symptoms that commonly occur with diarrhea include nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, and muscle weakness.

After I recovered from TTP my stool was more normal than it had been in a long time (even before the TTP), but it started to go back to it’s old ways, which, included, among other problems- most bowel movements including abnormally soft stool if not diarrhea. Also, sometimes I don’t see slimy yellow stool on the paper, but yet when I wipe I see yellow on the toliet paper as if it was a yellow liquid that was absorbed. My stools have been tested twice for pathogens, but nothing shows up. Dr’s examination to confirm this but mucus in the stool and diarrhea is suggestive of it. Then to where I looked at my stool and noticed it looked different. I am having similar symptoms to both of you not being able to go, sometimes loose stools alternating with constipation, yellow mucus, stool looking flat and/or narrow and stools, and I am gassy.

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My daughter is 15 weeks pregnant.she is having a really complicated pregnancy. There are 36 conditions associated with diarrhea and thick saliva or mucus. Sickle cell disease symptoms include repeated infections, yellow skin, fatigue, dizziness, pain, and more. When i go now its like pellets with mucus, am wondering if its my ibs going the other way instead of running to toilet, please is there anyone out there that experirence this aswell sam. 11/29/08 08:51:23 am. If you notice yellow mucus in your dog’s stool, you need to conduct a vet check as soon as possible. However, my stools seem relatively ‘normal’ (ie: not yellow. When there is no discharge sometime the anus can feel slimy that you may not have had pre IBS symptoms. 1. Why do I have yellow slimy diarrhea, headache, joint pain, and nausea? Last couple of days I have had yellow loose stools? The last couple of days when i go to the bathroom my stools where yellow and then green, loose stools.

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Learn what causes mucus in your dog’s stool and what you can do about it. If your dog is vomiting yellow bile, there are many possible causes. Yellow-orange or pasty, light stools. This may indicate the development of liver or biliary disease, or a too-rapid transit through the small intestine to the colon. My sweet 9-month old baby girl died last Tuesday most likely due to intestinal blockage. My doctor prescribed me Ranitidine which i used for few days and stopped. I notice that I have yellowish mucus on the beginning of my stool which tells me that it is maybe accumulating at one spot. Charlie had a two week bout of mucus-y stool, it was gross! I had him checked for parasites and the test was negative. I eventually put him on doggy probiotics and it cleared up very quickly.

This is called meconium and is made up of amniotic fluid, mucus, skin cells and other things ingested into the utero. Healthy formula fed baby poop is typically a shade of yellow or brown with a pasty consistency that is peanut butter like. Dry, dark-brown stool means excessive heat is present in the large intestine. Stools with yellow mucus accompanied with tenesmus (rectal heaviness) means damp-heat has accumulated in the large intestine. When the stool is loose, full of mucus and is yellow in color, it is typically the result of a food intolerance. I used one a couple years ago when my deaf dog got out of the yard and took off chasing a deer maybe.