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Triple garages normally require a garage door in the region of 6500mm wide or wider and if you are building to this sort of width then the height of the garage to keep a balanced visual appearance is normally higher than normal which for most garages is about 2200mm. Wide array of rolling steel doors to demanding fire-safety standards and discerning aesthetic requirements. At Overhead Door Corporation, we know that your commercial garage door can take a beating. Garage doors sizes are available in a variety of sizes. RVs have bigger room to accommodate for, so keep in mind the specifications for RV garage doors are 16′ wide by 8′ tall garage door and 9′ ceiling.

wide overhead doors 2With a range of styles to fit both your home and your lifestyle, you have come to the right place for a new garage door, find the perfect door solution for your home. More than 400 combinations of garage door styles! We are specialized to sell, install & repair garage doors. Contact us for a professional services. We install commercial overhead doors and industrial garage doors, including rolling-steel and sectional doors, for San Antonio storage facilities, warehouses and more.

C.H.I. understands the importance of owning a commercial garage door that is not only functional but also able to withstand the daily operations in the toughest industrial environments. We offer a wide selection of insulated and non-insulated commercial upward acting doors to fit your exact specifications. Global Overhead Doors Ltd. offers a wide selection of residential and commercial garage doors in Central Alberta. Our services include repair, installation and maintenance of your garage door and garage door opener. Garage Doors. Remote Control Garage Doors 2m wide x 1.9m high: 725. For other prices and sizes. Home Security Shutters 1m wide x 1m high: 261.

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wide overhead doors 3Offering a wide range of track, operating and power systems, our sectional overhead doors are amongst the most advanced products of their kind, with durable quality construction and impressive energy conservation just some of their key benefits. Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors, Sectional Overhead Door Parts, Industrial Door Components, Repair Materials for Industrial Doors, Steel Hinged Door Sets, Sectional Garage Doors, Sectional Overhead Doors, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, North, North West, North East, South, South East, South West, Midlands, East Anglia. OSA Stock a wide range of Industrial door panels. OSA Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors give guaranteed high thermal performance, avoiding cold bridging compared with traditional roller shutters. Our sectional overhead doors are durable solutions designed to ensure efficient goods flow into and out of warehouses, logistics centres, showrooms and retail or industrial premises. Arrow excel at providing sectional overhead doors and glazed sectional overhead doors for various commercial & industrial applications. With windows and glazing options, a wide range of colours and the flexibility to include a fixed side door or integral wicket door; fixing options from low head to vertical lift; the ARROW Sectional Overhead Door is the perfect modern industrial door for new build development and replacement of existing doors. Sizes Sectional doors can be produced up to 10 metres wide and 7 metres high in the SPU 67 model but most other models will go up to 8 metres wide and 7 metres high so there is usually a sectional door available for the opening created and excellent wind ratings too.

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Wide choices of garage doors & openers from top manufacturers; installation & repair provided. Residential, commercial & industrial applications Warwick, RI. Our sectional doors have been installed nation-wide and consist of a standard insulated panel 610mm deep, with a thickness of 40mm.