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Sand table training is the mainstay for traditional wildland fire training. Simtable uses interactive agent-based fire modeling, bringing sand table exercises to life in your own high risk areas allowing mitigation and fuels planning in a truly interactive experience. Although still in its infancy, the use of simulation exercises to improve decision-making in firefighting is rapidly expanding as the simulators become more effective in achieving that goal. Sand tables are but one example of human-controlled simulators. StageIT Emergency Response Fire Simulator from Action Training Systems is similar in design to Fire Studio 5, but it uses a Windows interface, which feels familiar to most users. The wildland fire course called Simulation Development and Delivery classifies TDGs as Functional Simulation Exercises.

wildland fire sand table exercises 2TDGS or STEX exercises are the ideal learning environment for wildland fire and all-hazards incident management personnel. Dozer Boss – Part 2 – Rainbow Springs Fire. May 11, 2010 05/10. The simulations will be delivered using the computer based 3-D Wildland Fire Simulator or by using a Sand Table.

The workshops included four different scenarios including structure protection, mobile attack, hose lays and sand table exercises each specifying in a certain firefighting technique. Little Venus Fire (2007) Shelter Deployment View 30 Second Preview Download Module 700mb (. Sand Table Exercise Intent, Action, AAR View 30 Second Preview Download Module 1. Crews rotated through four stations, including a sand table exercise focused on setting up a unified command for an escalating wildland-urban interface incident that included a cost share discussion.

Sand Table Exercises (stex)

wildland fire sand table exercises 3By the numbers, this was Virginia’s 10th interagency wildland fire academy, serving 258 students including 144 members of fire departments, 92 state employees and 22 federal employees. Sand table exercises help participants visualize some complexities of wildland fire management. The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest hosts four wildland fire engines. Throughout the fire season, they train in engine and pump operation, working closely with the Department of Natural Resources in mock exercises and sand-table scenarios. The National Interagency Fire Center is the nation’s support center for wildland fire. BLM is one of 8 agencies that comprise NIFC. Spring training often includes sand table exercises. What classes are folks taking these days? Wildland fire training has people who can make use of the knowledge we are gathering. The exercises were a chance for those members who usually only communicate via dispatch radio channels to work together in the same room, much like they would during an actual fire. Each sand table allows for that level of wildland fire management to put brains to the incident and really work through how they would handle the fire, Goss said. Sand table exercises during S-271, Helicopter Crew Member Course.

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Sand table is a term for using constrained sand for modeling or educational purposes.