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Create window boxes that add beauty to your home, garage, or shed with these easy plant-by-number ideas. I love looking for container inspiration, so I’ve been enjoying my hunt for great window box ideas. For instance, a lot of times you can put a plant that’s really interested in part sun in a very sunny location in container as long as you are committed to watering a lot. A well-designed window box can be the crowning glory of your full sun garden. Whether you prefer a substantial wooden trough or a series of hayrack planters, your sunny window box will draw admiration from family and neighbors throughout the growing season.

window box ideas for sunny locations 2The ideal plants for window boxes are colorful, can withstand hot sun or part shade and don’t have finicky watering requirements. Here are ten that fit those criteria. I have found that any plant that is good for Xeriscaping will do well in containers, especially in sunny areas. Go for a sunny exposure to please the most plants. This, though, increases your watering chores. Choosing a container and a location is a fine start for window box gardening, but picking the right plants really makes the difference in your growing success. Generally, select a mixture of trailers, compact upright plants that grow tall enough to be seen without blocking the window, filler plants, and bulbs. The window boxes are heavy when watered, and you’ll have to water often during hot, sunny weather. Planting roses requires you to choose a spot that will.

Over the past 8 years I have tried many different plants in my sunny window box with varying results. Sometimes, it got so bad, I thought I would resort to succulents or cactus. A lot of great window box ideas for you. I think window boxes are great fun. Never thought about looking for drought resistant plants; like you I looked for the sunny location plants. I will make the change. Design a window box Gardening Guides from BBC Gardening. This is an extraordinary, how to plant a window box garden tutorial with terrific photos and tips for container gardening success. I did see it some places along my walking path last summer. They were a bit spindly in a partly sunny basketjust an FYI.

10 Colorful & Low Maintenance Window Box Plants

Flower boxes will do best in a sunny location or a location that receives bright sunlight for a good part of the day. With the idea of many different style homes in mind, our window box design will enhance the look of almost any home. Flower Framers window boxes are designed with a classic style. Plan your window box ideas, designs, and flowers with online planner. Plants for this purpose must retain their foliage throughout the summer, the period of bloom must continue for a number of weeks, and the normal growth of the plant should not be impaired by crowding the root development within a small area. For sunny positions the more vigorous growing and flowering plants are apt to do best, while in shade ferns and foliage plants, generally speaking, are more successful in window planters. The Shady Window Box Plant recommendations can be found here and the Sunny Plant recommendations here. Many of them grow well in confined spaces, and window boxes provide the good drainage essential to most herbs. Hot, sunny sites are ideal for herbs from Mediterranean climates. A truly shady location will accommodate only a few varieties, but a window box in dappled light is ideal for shade-tolerant herbs. A few rays of sun plus some containers or window boxes are all you need for a small-space harvest of herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers. Take heart: Anyone with a sunny windowsill, patio, or balcony can cultivate edibles. With outdoor spaces at a premium, homeowners are continually searching for ways to garden in these limited areas. Plant, water, enjoy: easy-to-create container gardens to brighten every corner of your yard from spring to fall.

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Posts about window box designs for sun written by tabler202. Window box designs for full sun free mission style bookcase plans How To Build A Wine Rack Window box ideas for morning sun cabinet building kitchen wooden sawhorse plans How To Build A Double Wooden Driveway Gate. Window box ideas for sunny areas Video. Wooden window boxes have their perks as well. You can paint them any color to match your home or make a bold statement against your home. If you are in a sunny location, avoid metal boxes because metal conducts heat rapidly and the plant roots will overheat.