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A home with sliding glass doors is essentially a home open to the elements. Fortunately, simpler, affordable, weather-proofing options can reduce energy loss through a sliding glass door. There is a solution for sliding glass doors that is popular in cold states like Michigan. It is essentially a large plastic film, like Saran kitchen wrap, that you stretch over the frame for the winter months. These are very very similar to what I was planning for our bedroom remodel this winter.

winter proof sliding glass door 2Sliding doors allow light and outdoor views into your home, but are also notorious for letting out heat and inviting cold drafts to slip in. Those attractive sliding glass doors are a source of heat loss. Learn more about insulating sliding glass doors. For this reason, weatherproofing doors and windows, including sliding glass doors, is a must. Another method is to use removable caulk in the winter and remove it when the weather warms.

We also have a sliding glass door off the livingroom that is drafty, but we would definitely need to be able to go in and out of that. I was heaterless last winter and my curtains help a good deal to keep me from freezing. Good advice: I grew up in possibly the coldest, draftiest house in the world and we had weather proofing on all the windows, draftstoppers on all the doors (ours were shaped like weiner dogs, tres chic), HEAVY curtains with special liners that ran ceiling to floor over all the windows, down comforters, electric blankets, hot water bottles and no heating at night. I’m trying to keep energy costs way low, because I just moved in and I’d like to keep saving as much as possible! There is a huge temperature. To make your home more comfortable, both cozy in winter and cooler in summer, seal for drafts and insulate. One wall of my bedroom has sliding glass doors and it gets really cold at nite.

The Best Way To Weatherproof A Sliding Door

Describes how to cut the heat loss from a sliding glass door in half. We intend to install this panel in the winter and remove it in the summer — it only takes a moment to take the panel in or out. Here at your St Charles Vinyl Wood Windows we understand how Chicagoland winter’s can be. The sliding glass door is one of the biggest places for air leaks and heat loss. Homes are not cheap to heat during a long winter. Unless you’re using alternative methods of heating such as wood, solar panels, pellet stoves or electric heat to offset the cost, your monthly bill during the frigid months can be brutal. Use patio weather proofing kits. We’ve used these over the years with great success, and they make them for windows, too! The kits include everything you need for one patio door and they’re under 15 per door. Includes: what type of weatherstrip to use, how to install weatherstrip around sliding glass doors, and protect your home. She has a sliding glass door that is not insulated and wants some solutions. During the winter, we cover our windows and sliding doors with clear vinyl that we bought at a fabric store. The front door of the house also has a sealing problem. Weather Strip, Seal, and Curtain Your Windows for Winter Savings. We have a giant sliding-glass-door off the dining room that is so poorly insula. Just in case anyone didn’t know, I’m in Minnesota where the nighttime temperatures regularly dip to -20F and CAN go as low as -45F so we’re not talking about a bit of a chilly breeze, but serious winter-proofing.

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How to Winter-Proof Your College Apartment. You can also look into window insulation kits that allow you to insulate your thin windowpanes or sliding glass doors with plastic lining to reduce the amount of heat that escapes. Draft-proof the doors. Here is a guide to solutions for insulating drafty winter windows including the pros and cons of everything from rubber sealing to shrink-wrap film. The experts at the share tips and instructions for weatherproofing your doors for the long term. Taking the time to winter proof your apartment can lower your heating bill, keep you warmer and make the cold months more comfortable. Put film on all of the windows, including a sliding glass door if you have one.

Winter is coming. I plan on covering my sliding glass doors and the rest of windows. We found that the cost of heating that level of the home was so great that it was just better to weather-proof it as much as possible and then shut it off. Plant evergreen trees close to your home to block the winter wind. Prepping your home for winter will help reduce your energy bill, protect your plants, and preserve your floors and doing it in the fall means not having to labor away in the snow. 12 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home. 11 Clever Cures for a Plain Glass Vase. Anyway-the doors have solid frames, real glass (although shatter proof) and were heavy.