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This is a red-finished wood bass drum beater with a black shaft. Standard. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Bass Drum Beaters at Guitar Center. Gibraltar SC-3262 Solid Wood Bass Drum Beater. The Danmar 205 Wood Bass Drum Beater is ideal for when you need a higher frequency ‘click’ sound from your bass drum. Bass Drum Pedal Parts.

wood bass drum beater 2Bass drum beaters can effect how your bass drum feels when you play and the sound you get out of the drum. From felt beaters to wood to self aligning to variable weighted, we’ve got something that will be right for your style. Will a wooden beater provide click AND bottom end, or is this more a matter of head choice? Thanks for your time. Overall, as long as your bass drum is well tuned and mic’d properly; I use wood beaters as well as the plastic side of the beater that comes with the DW pedals when I’m going for that kind of attack and sound. I used to over-strike the bass drum using a felt beater (many years ago) and I switched to wood.

Browse Bass Drum Beaters, plus get Free Shipping on thousands on musical instruments & accessories. Pearl B300W Demon Drive Control Core Wood Bass Drum Beater. Bass drum beaters come in a wide range of styles and have a surprising number of features for an item that is essentially a mallet. A harder surface like wood or plastic will give you more attack, while a softer surface like rubber or felt will offer a quieter, rounder sound. Bass drum pedal beaters made from felt, wood, and plastic in standard or long shaft. Free shipping on orders 99 and over!

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wood bass drum beater 3Ultra hard felt, soft felt, hard rubber, cork or wood bass drum beaters with 1/4 Stainless steel shaft. The 4 main materials are felt, rubber, wood and plastic. my personal favorites are wood and rubber, but they are just MY favorites. Like a lot of things drum related, it comes down to personal preference plastic and wood do have a bit of a smackier sound though, so you might find them better for metal. Product description. The solid wooden head on the top of this beater will give your kick drum maximum attack and volume. The metal shaft will fit into most kick pedals. The Outlaw Drums Hammer Wood Bass Drum Beater is made of the same centuries-old heart pine as their snare drums, giving you an extremely articulate attack with every stroke along with a bit of history. Yamaha Wood Bass Drum Beater. Bass drum patch included. I am changing from felt and would prefer to use wood, But I have an Evans click pad on my bass drum, Just wondering if the wood would get damaged by.

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Also available are the Demon Drive Bass Drum Beaters in two styles. The standard Control Core Felt and the optional wood beater feature an anti-vibration elastomer core. Read our reviews to find the Best Bass Drum Beater and compare photos, specs and user reviews. They mostly vary in the type of material that strikes the head with the most common options being felt, plastic, wood, wool, and metal. Vic Firth Vickick Wood Bass Drum Beater-Available in felt, wood and fleece, VicKick Beaters feature spherical heads that provide a consistent striking surface.