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Shop Woodcraft?s Vises for all your woodworking vises, including bench vises, a carving vise or even a wood vise. Whether helping to hold a piece securely or pressing together parts, a vise is the tool every worker needs to get the job done. Find a Large Selection of Workbench Vises, Woodworking Vises, Quick Release Vises and More at Rockler. A common type of front vise has cast-iron jaws and a steel screw that tightens and loosens the jaws. Up for your consideration is a Vintage Craftsman No 506-51890 Woodworking Bench Vise 10 inch Jaws Quick Release.

wood bench vise parts 2But, there are parts available, and sometimes used ones can be found at auction or on eBay. Toolmaker Lie-Nielsen now offers excellent bench hardware. Yes, it is more expensive, but it is the best. Jorgensen 41012 Woodworkers Vise Now that Record has closed it’s plant in England while it is moving to Taiwan, this is one the last remaining high quality all metal woodworking vises availabe. Buy Wilton Woodworking Vise Parts, 63144 Wilton Wood Working Woodworking Vises, 33150 Columbian Bench Woodworking Vises from UseEnco. The line includes Heavy Duty Woodworking Vises and Light Duty Woodworking Vises. Wilton Light-Duty Woodworking Vises feature high-tensile iron jaws and a lightweight design making.

A woodworker’s workbench isn’t a table, it’s a work-holding system. If you’re installing a vise, you’ll need hardwood for the jaws and you may need some scrap MDF or plywood to make up the proper mounting thickness. Drop the bench back down so that you can install the wooden vise jaws and also add two more lag bolts through the face of the jaw. Shop the best selection of Craftsman vises repair parts and accessories at Sears PartsDirect. CRAFTSMAN BENCH VISE. CRAFTSMAN WOODWORKERS VISES.

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wood bench vise parts 3Long ago, just as today, woodworkers required a more helpful way to keep the wood in place while it was being worked. They can typically hold work in two ways: between the jaws and along the top of the bench using moveable ‘dogs’ in place of jaws. The only question is, what kind of vise is right for your bench. The solution is to place a scrap of wood on the opposite end, keeping the jaws parallel to the bench face.

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