Wood Block Plane Sample Plans PDF

More and more woodworkers are bringing power jointers and planers into their shops, often pushing hand planes into dusty corners. But a plain old plane still comes in handy, even in the most up-to-the-minute shop. Of all the tools you use to shape wood, the hand plane is the one that has come to symbolize craftsmanship of the highest order. We offer three sizes: a block plane, smooth plane and jointer plane, all based on the same shape but each with a different-size cutter iron. Hand planes are essential tools for the seasoned woodworker. With top brands like WoodRiver, see Woodcraft’s full line of bench and other wood planes.

wood block plane 2No matter how sharp the iron is, the wood will look like garbage if the sole has any dings. Block planes take a lot of abuse, so it’s common to see the rim of the sole deformed from hitting other tools on the bench. Find great deals on eBay for Wooden Hand Plane in Woodworking Planes. Antique Old Used Wood Wooden Block Plane Planer Carpentry Hand Tool. 28.00. 185.00; Buy It Now. Vintage 6.5 Metal Block Plane Woodworking Tool Stanley?

A block plane is a small woodworking hand plane which typically has the blade bedded at a lower angle than other planes, with the bevel up. This is possible because a block plane has its blade set at a shallow bed angle, allowing the blade to slice through end grain more efficiently; furthermore, for this to work, the plane is frequently held at an angle sometimes as much as 45 degrees to the direction of travel, so that the cutting edge slices the wood fibers as they pass from one end of the cutting edge to the other. Nothing beats a handy little block plane for simplicity and convenience. Test the cut on a scrap of wood and raise the blade a little at a time as necessary to achieve the desired cut. Shop outside the big box, with unique items for wood block plane from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy.

How To Use A Block Plane For Beginners

Three Plane Class August 2016 Make a Smoother, Jack, and Jointer with me in beautiful Asheville, NC The August Three Plane Class is now full! Kit for building a wooden block plane, sold by Highland Woodworking. Examples include Jointer Planes, Jack Planes, Smoothing Planes, and Block Planes (I include them under bench planes for ease of categorizing). Few tools are better for smoothing and shaping wood. Block planes are the workhorses of the shop. Like our Low Angle Bench Planes, these planes all have the blade bevel up. Low Angle Block planes have the blade bedded at 12. The block plane is among the most versatile hand woodworking tools, because it can be used to shape and clean up so many parts of woodworking projects. To use the plane, push the plane forward across the edge of the wood, keeping the base of the plane consistent along the path.

Block Plane

WOOD BLOCK PLANE: Although this is a very old design they are still used today to remove a large amount of wood. This is due to the fact that they are lighter than steel planes and therefore they can be used comfortably for longer periods. Wood is not a strong enough medium for low bevel planes. The strike block plane provides the low cutting angle by having a bed between 35 40 degrees. I also have at least 2 draw knives, a couple of block planes, a couple of spokeshaves and a couple of rabbet planes. Building a bevel-down wood-bodied smooth plane with a Norris-style blade adjustment mechanismLee Valley offers a hardware kit so you can build your own smoothing plane.