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Free woodworking plans to make a wide selection of cutting boards for your kitchen or bar. Link Type: free plans Wood Source: WorkingWoods Fix Link? Wood suggestions, basic instructions on the care of a cutting board. All cutting boards are either end-grain or side-grain designs, depending on which orientation of wood acts as the cutting surface. The two designs here are small boards intended for cheese or bread.

wood bread board plans 2For even more inspiring woodworking video, be sure to check out Lewis’ piece on Incredible Bendable Wood. Smart, Stylish Cutting Boards Video: Edible Wood Finishes Which Finishes Are Food Safe? Cutting boards are useful, as every kitchen needs at least one. However, not every wood species is recommended for cutting boards. Open-grained stock such as oak aren’t conducive for use in such a project, as food particles can become embedded in the grain.

LeesWoodProjects.com offers information on how to make a cutting board for your kitchen. This wood cutting board is an easy do it yourself wood working project. Note: You want to make cutting boards from closed grain wood species such as maple. Oak is an open grain wood species and hence, food can become embedded in the grain. Make an end grain cutting board that will show off your skills and last for years. The wood is ripped to different widths to make an interesting pattern.

The Coolest Cutting Board Ever?

Our custom cutting boards, butcher blocks and serving boards are handcrafted by artisan woodworkers with hardwoods made to last. I now also have a post on How to Make an End Grain Cutting Board that you can check out as well. COST TO YOU and lets me build and share more projects and plans! This plan will give you an oversized cutting board that would even make Martha Stewart proud! Provided for are options for both striped and checkerboard patterns, but a single color and specie is always an option. Wood Glue – preferably something non-toxic since your food will come in contact with this. Solved: How to make a cutting board. Woodworking Plans. See second picture in step 10, see how the clamps are on the sides (hard to see, but the whole mess was resting on some sticks of wood covered in blue painter’s tape, to hold it off the bench). Make this cutting board and wow your family and friends. We are presenting you plan for the Classic wooden kitchen cutting board that you can make very quickly and it will last for years.

Wood Cutting Board

How to make a handy cutting board using scrap wood. This project makes a great gift. We used the EZ Jointer Clamps to make a straightedge cutting jig.