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Forget sanding — a properly used scraper will create a mirror surface. If you’ve never tried wood turning, we can recommend it as a fun and rewarding pursuit. A card scraper is a woodworking shaping and finishing tool. It is used to manually remove small amounts of material and excels in tricky grain areas where hand planes would cause tear out. Scraping produces a cleaner surface than sanding; it does not clog the pores of the wood with dust, and does not leave a fuzz of torn fibers, as even the finest abrasives will do. If you want an unparalleled final surface for a woodworking project, try using a card scraper instead of sandpaper. The equipment is inexpensive, just a simple square of steel, a file, and burnishing tool.

wood card scraper 2Card scrapers clean up a workpiece like no other tool, leaving a scratch-free, glassy-smooth surface ready for finishing. To achieve this kind of performance, you must maintain a sharp cutting burr on the scraper’s edge. In this episode, I review my 3-step method for sharpening card scrapers. The card scraper is a great time-saving and money-saving tool. Find good information on the care and use of scrapers in our Woodworking Library. The Guide to Sharpening and Using a Wood Scraper is one of our top ten woodworking articles of all time.

There really is such a device: its a wood scraper, of course. Scrapers are the simplest tools this side of a pencil. Shop for all Scraping Tools – including Burnishers and Card Scrapers. Yes I saw glistening surfaces but I couldn’t actually tell whether the surfaces were actually scraped or simply polished with the dull edge of the scraper; where the cutting edge actually never cut the wood but the roundover. The edge of the card scraper should be filed square to the tool’s faces (all the sources agree on this). Or you can cut a kerf in a block of wood to hold your file.

How To Sharpen A Card Scraper

For general use in preparing wood for finishing (or for quickly removing lacquer, shellac or other finishes) a rectangular cabinet scraper is a must have tool. MacdonaldSome tome ago I got my first card scraper. Of all the tools in my shop, my favorite is the basic card scraper. It’s nothing more than a thin piece of steel that costs a few dollars, but it greatly reduces my least favorite part of woodworking: sanding. So far I have used it for removing excess glue left on surface of wood and level area where two pieces are joined. In this post I want to talk about card scrapers. It seems like in certain circumstances you can get an excellent finish with a card scrapper as opposed to sanding. In my above video Elia Bizzarri shares his no-nonsense method for sharpening and using a card scraperwithout expensive jigs!

How To Use & Sharpen A Wood Scraper

Make A Homemade Card Scraper – Putty Knife See more about Homemade Cards, Knives and Homemade. They can be used to give you a glass smooth surface on just about any wood. Take a small block of scrap hardwood, slightly longer than your card scraper and two or three inches wide. Cut a kerf into to the wood to accommodate your mill file. Without seeing your action in using a card scraper, it is difficult to know what exactly is going wrong.