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Lately, I have had a run on countertop orders. They have all been walnut (which is the hottest wood around right now), and all 1-1/2 thick. The majority of wood countertops are made from traditional butcher block, and while they may see some mild meal prep, they’re rarely used for chopping these days. Shown: A storage island puts thick edge-grain butcher block center stage. Thickness and Edges. Wood countertop thickness generally ranges from a three-quarter inch to six inches, and butcher block from two inches to 12 inches.

wood countertop thickness 2Solid Wood Countertops Woods and Edges. Standard thickness 40mm, in Black Walnut and Iroko only. Thick can be gorgeous but as you can see any style wood top is pretty. BERGSTENA countertop, double-sided, dark gray wood effect edge, white Length:.

Should that contribute to the thickness of the project? Advice on allowing for movement with solid wood countertops. Sure, they were ugly, but these cabinets were as solid as could be, made with thick oak wood.

Solid Wood Countertops

wood countertop thickness 3An extra-thick countertop adds its own substantial dose of personality to a particular design. Since wood countertops are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, they’ll pair nicely with virtually any cabinet style or finish. Custom Wood Counter Tops, Wood Slab Table Tops, Kitchen Islands, Bar Tops, Floating Shelves made from new lumber or reclaimed barn wood. Reclaimed hand hewn hardwood barn beams which are resawn to thickness, glued up and bolted together. Wood countertops must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after contact with foods such as raw meat. Go to ikea.com and search for wood countertop for examples. Adding the front edging to gain thickness while saving some weight and cost is a great idea. Its color also goes well with other wood species when choosing an end grain butcher block. American Brown 2 1 1/4 thick walnut premium wide plank countertop.

How Thick Should A Butcher Block Countertop Be?