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Wood decks are a nice feature for the back yard but they do require a bit of TLC to keep them looking as good as possible and extend their lifespan. Remove the solution before it dries (or lightly spray with water during waiting period if it s drying too quickly). Wash Recipe, Deck Cleaner, Cleaning Solution, Cleaning Ideas, Cleaning Recipe, Deck Wash. A pressure washer can clean a wood deck much faster than you can do it scrubbing by hand. When you mix this type of oxygen bleach with water to make a deck-cleaning solution, all you create is more water, oxygen and soda ash.

wood deck cleaner solution 2Scrub the solution into any spots, stains, mold and mildew. Allow it to work into any stains for ten to fifteen minutes. Clean the surface of the wood. There are several products on the market, or you can use bleach, cut half and half with warm water, and a scrub brush. Bleach has been a favorite cleaning solution for cleaning wooden decks for many years due to its availability and ease of use. The advantage of using bleach is that it is very simple to work with, and appears to give immediate results.

Even though a clean wooden deck can be the rich, inviting hallmark of your yard, it can just as easily be an ugly eyesore if the wood isn’t maintained. Rinse the entire deck with the garden hose to remove the cleaning solution. Before you start lugging out the cleaning solution, you want to get all of the leaves, pine needles and loose dirt out of the way. Be sure to examine the package carefully to be sure it is appropriate to the type of wood your deck is made out of and the grime you are trying to remove. Years ago, I used to recommend cleaning and brightening decks with a solution of TSP and household bleach in water. The second slide showed how a bleach based cleaner lightened the wood but destroyed the lignin, the natural glue that bonds wood fibers together.

How To Clean Your Wood Deck

wood deck cleaner solution 3In this article we are going to cover what actually is Wood Deck Cleaner. I have been a waterman for 60 years and didn’t like to pay for expensive cleaning solutions for teak decks. The solution is to just wet down the deck with a hose and use household ammonia. DEFY Wood Cleaner is a safe, highly effective, oxygenated bleach wood deck cleaning solution that removes dirt, grime, mold, algae, and weathered graying from wood surfaces. To get the gray out of a wood deck, be careful about pressure washing. Removing the gray means one of two things: stripping away the loose, weathered residue mechanically or washing it away with some kind of cleaning solution. Tips for professional wood deck cleaning including types of chemicals and how to use them. There is no one solution or chemical that is right for every job. Allow the cleaning solution to remain on the wood for the recommended time for deck cleaner and 15 to 20 minutes for diluted bleach.

How To Clean Your Wood Deck

From 30 to 99 for 5 litres, depending on the brand. A litre of diluted solution should cover 5m2 of wooden deck, and 10m2 of concrete. Whether preparing the deck for a stain or just doing regular maintenance, BEHR PREMIUM All-In-One Wood Cleaner can help restore your deck’s natural beauty. Be sure that the plastic mixing container is large enough to hold up to 2 gallons of diluted solution. The DIY’er deck cleaner you thought you were has mutated into a DYI wood engraver. Many cleaning solutions will deteriorate natural bristle brushes. Also, you will find that a good synthetic bristle will give you many years of performance. Shop Menards for deck cleaners to restore grayed, dirty, mildew-stained wood surfaces to a bright, new appearance.