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RECIPE for WOOD DECK CLEANER In a bucket, mix a solution of two gallons water and one-half gallon bleach. Do you use a pressure washer, scrub brush or a green-cleaner, such as oxygen bleach? A pressure washer can clean a wood deck much faster than you can do it scrubbing by hand. Plus, I’ve used it myself for nearly 20 years to clean all the stainless steel around my house. Even though a clean wooden deck can be the rich, inviting hallmark of your yard, it can just as easily be an ugly eyesore if the wood isn’t maintained.

wood deck cleaning do it yourself 2Due to constantly being exposed to outdoor elements, a wooden deck can take a beating. The sun can cause the wood to fade, while rain and snow can contribute to water spots, mildew and mold. To clean and properly seal a deck, first sweep the debris leaves, twigs, dirt off the top. Clean the surface of the wood. Once your deck is clean, apply a redwood stain or a waterproofing deck sealer, which will repel water and make the deck last longer. Decks require regular cleaning to preserve their life and beauty. Make sure to protect yourself by wearing goggle, mask, gloves and protective clothing as well as footwear, while mixing and using chemicals. If the deck is made of cedar wood, bleach can cause harm to it.

Protect yourself and any plants. Since many deck cleaners can be toxic, you’ll want to put plastic sheeting over any planters on your deck so that the plants inside them aren’t harmed. Be sure to examine the package carefully to be sure it is appropriate to the type of wood your deck is made out of and the grime you are trying to remove. Learn how to test the wood, apply deck cleaner and deck stain or sealer. A water test is the easiest way to ensure that the wood can absorb sealer or finish. Revive that weathered wood with these handy solutions. To wash patio furniture, please see full instructions here.

How To Clean Your Deck

The challenge in cleaning these substances from the deck is determining the best product to use while insuring the wood will not be damaged. Most DIY-ers (do-it-yourself-ers) rely on the local home improvement center for recommendations, and many use their own home brew of various household cleaners. Complete a One Day Deck Restoration with Water-based Products to Wash, Brighten, and Seal the Wood without Requiring Drying Time. View Our Popular DIY Projects and Tips. Washing and refinishing a wood deck can bring it back to life. Refinishing a wood deck is a fairly simple DIY project, which brings out the deck’s natural beauty and protects it for years to come. Learn how to clean your Trex composite deck with our tips. As a deck ages, the wood collects tannin stains from leaves and twigs and general grime from the environment at large. A homemade multipurpose deck cleaner needs to include more than one type of cleaner. Before you mop your cleaning solution on the deck, it should be completely clear of debris; use a vacuum or leaf blower to do this. Get Weekly DIY Guides & Inspiration. Remove mildew, mold and algae stains and more with Problem Solver Wood Cleaner from Cabot. Cabot Stain Prepping Wood DIY.

How To Clean Your Deck

If dirt accumulation is minimal, you should be able to do this yourself following the instructions below. Can I use bleach to clean my wood deck? I want to pressure wash myself. How to clean wood decks, remove stains, and refinish. There are a number of sources of discoloration of wood decks. Refinishing a wood deck involves a few steps such as inspection, cleaning and wood brightening, power washing, sanding, staining and sealing. In this tutorial I’ll walk you through the steps involved in a professional looking deck refinishing job that you will be able to complete yourself. Tips for Cleaning a Wood Deck:: Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Decking. So I do the work (mostly) and keep my grumbling to myself (mostly).

Learn how to wash, stain and maintain wood decks. Purchase professional grade cleaners and sealers to make your wood look restored. The right tools will make refinishing your wooden deck seem like a breeze. That means thoroughly cleaning and stripping the wood beforehand. There are several ways to clean a wooden deck, and, chances are, you’ll need more than one method.