Wood Deck Cleaning Tips Sample Plans PDF

Wood decks are a nice feature for the back yard but they do require a bit of TLC to keep them looking as good as possible and extend their lifespan. Includes: deck cleaner recipes, and important tips. Wash down your deck with the hose, which opens up the wood and makes it much simpler to clean. Then, use a scrub brush attached to a long pole or handle so you are not down on your hands and knees breathing in the TSP and bleach. The stream of water that is thrust from the tip of the wand mechanically agitates the surface of whatever it strikes. A pressure washer can clean a wood deck much faster than you can do it scrubbing by hand.

wood deck cleaning tips 2Even though a clean wooden deck can be the rich, inviting hallmark of your yard, it can just as easily be an ugly eyesore if the wood isn’t maintained. Prepare a solution of sudsy water using the laundry detergent or read the instructions on the commercial cleaner. Wood deck: Use a standard deck cleaner and follow its directions. Some require the decking to be wet first. Learn how to test the wood, apply deck cleaner and deck stain or sealer.

Get deck maintenance tips from the experts at Benjamin Moore. With our wood deck maintenance information, you can keep your outdoor space looking its best. Exterior wood and deck cleaners are designed to clean and prep your exterior wood prior to an application of a wood stain. Deck Cleaning Tips for Common Wood Problems. Algae: Algae is a living organism. It will have a black or greenish tint and appear on wood in areas with high moisture and low sunlight.

How To Clean Your Wood Deck

wood deck cleaning tips 3Before making any repairs to the deck, remove dirt and wood fibers with a pressure washer. When using one, be sure to keep the pressure stream moving. Keep your wood deck looking its best by following Better Homes and Gardens contributing editor Danny Lipford’s tips for cleaning your deck. Seal a Deck. A deck is an investment that deserves proper maintenance. Scrub the Wood. Clean the surface of the wood. Tips for Applying Deck Sealer. Follow these tips for your wood deck to help ensure that your deck lasts and looks good for as long as possible because caring for any outdoor installation is a continuous process. You approach the deck point the tip at the deck, you nervously squeeze the trigger and a jet of water comes forth. The DIY’er deck cleaner you thought you were has mutated into a DYI wood engraver. A step-by-step deck cleaning and wood stains. Learn how to wash, stain and maintain wood decks.

Wood Deck Care & Maintenance Tips -how To Maintain A Deck

Here are 16 deck cleaning tips that will immediately improve your deck’s appearance. Repair cracks in your wood decking; otherwise, the boards will create splinters. OUTDOORS – DECKS. DIRECTIONS: When in doubt about a surface, always spot test first. Manual Application. Mix 1 cups Simple Green per gallon of water. 101 Wood Deck Staining Cleaning Restoration Tips! The most extensive tip sheet on how to restore your wooden deck! Using a power washer to deep clean a wood deck can be done successfully but there a lot of horror stories about a power washer becoming a power etcher when improperly used on wood.