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Below are different types of finishes for wood furniture and their finishing techniques. Remember that each coat applied will darken the wood further. To maintain a light finish, it may be wise to apply a coat of clear varnish as a first coat or after the desired shade has been achieved. The Architectural Woodwork Institute has established specific finishing systems and provides guidelines and recommendations for every step of the process.

wood finishing processes 2Steelcase Maintains Environmental Commitment with New Shipping & Wood Finishing Processes Steelcase has introduced a number of new initiatives aimed at maintaining its commitment to the environment. Has provided training and consulting for finishers from one man wood shops to the largest companies in the industry. Our team has a diverse background in wood finishing processes and are well qualified to develop accurate documents for your process. Set your wood projects apart with finishes that enhance the grain and protect the wood. Our finishing courses focus on the final set of processes that assure a flawless finish and enduring quality of each piece.

Indusrial wood finishing is a process that can drastically alter the appearance of cabinets and represents about a quarter of the cost of the product. Our Finishing Process. For a step-by-step description (and photo) of Premiere’s Flat-Line wood finishing process, point and click on the production stations illustrated in this diagram. Let’s face it crafting an interesting video about finishing wood is tough enough but when you find yourself using the same few finishes over and over again it is even tougher. But I’m getting ahead of myself, lets break down the process:.

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wood finishing processes 3Most of our furniture (depending on customer’s specification) is finished using a very unconventional method. As opposed to using a fast drying lacquer, the top slabs of the product (from a night table to a large boardroom table) are first flooded using a slow drying, transparent commercial, exterior epoxy.

Industrial Wood Finishing