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The best selection of how-to articles, project plans, videos, and tips on Applying a Finish from the most trusted source of woodworking and furniture making. Video: Finishing Technique for Greene and Greene Furniture. Welcome to the our how-to section with guides and tips on every step of the wood finishing process from preperation staining to finishing.

wood finishing techniques videos 2Learn wood finishing techniques so you can learn how to stain wood, apply lacquer, and more with instructional videos by Woodworkers Guild of America. Some basic tips on how to prepare wood for staining and the best ways to stain or varnish wood. A mix of dye and stain techniques matches fresh-cut edges to the face-grain patina of salvaged wood. Finishing tips and tricks. Free Video- Smooth Filled-Pore Finishes.

General Finishes video library with tips and how to’s about applying water based and oil based wood finishes. Learn how to finish wood like the pros by watching DIY Wood videos on Cabotstain. DIY Wood Videos – Finish Like A Pro. Whether it’s staining or wood finishing techniques, we have video tutorials to help you get started. Visit our site or call (800) 339-9748 to learn more.

Wood Finishing Techniques

Interesting in learning more about the Humidor shown in the video? Would this finishing technique work on that type of surface as well? Finishing wood can take days and even weeks, but there are a few natural and easy wood finishes that Ben Light recommends as alternatives. Call or email Mark Finney for free wood finishing advice. Mark demonstrates a variety of wood staining techniques, and explains how to choose a compatible stain & finish. VIDEO – click below to view. Homesteading Finishing offers a variety of books & video by Jeff Jewitt. They cover a range of topics including furniture how-to’s, finishing tips, wood working and more. Luthier Mercantile’s staff will help the guitar maker find the perfect wood and material. LMI offers the broadest selection of tonewood available to the guitar builder, plus a complete selection of professional tools, supplies, books, and videos. Tutorial Videos. Don Bollinger has been teaching pros and first-timers his proven techniques and trade secrets for almost two decades. In this video, he sands and finishes oak strip flooring in his own living room, kitchen, dining room and hallway, showing you step by step how to achieve a durable, blemish-free surface.

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Sure, you could finish this wood with a totally clear finish no problem. Instead, let s look at how you can get dramatic and amazing finishes with a very simple 3-step finishing technique: color, sealer, contrast. Thank you, I found your video to be a great resource! Videos. How to apply Tried & True wood finish Click the above link to see a detailed video on how to apply Tried & True. Joe walks you through each step from the beginning prep of the wood to the final polish, showing good technique and giving key tips along the way. Illustrates the basic ways of joining wood, selecting a joint and what joints to use. FINISHING TECHNIQUES is a video that everyone from the beginner to the professional will be grateful for. Million Dollar Contractor Stephen Fanuka shows how add a pop of color to wood stains.