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Hardwood Floor Scrapers designed for professional wood floor installers. Achieve distressed wood flooring with the best results. It is simply to texture the surface of the wood floor, like in the photo at right. Some people claim that scraping a floor makes it more interesting to the eye or complements certain styles. Nottingham Wood Hardwood Scraper 11×1-1/2. The perfect tool for scraping corners, under radiators and cabinets on hardwood floors.

wood floor scraper 2Floor Scrapers Visit Jewson in over 600 branches across the UK. The longer taper works great on tough wood floors (glued & nailed). The long length allows the blade to easily slide under tough materials. They work through most ceramics and VCT. Les raboteurs de parquet is an oil painting by French Impressionist Gustave Caillebotte.

Shop online for Floor Scrapers at Tools4Flooring.com! We offer a large selection of quality hand scrapers, blades and much more. Shop for Floor Scrapers at Grainger. Adjustable Razor Floor Scraper, Size 8 Inches, Handle Adjusts from 3 to 6 Feet. Rips up concrete, marble, ceramic tile,wood floors, roofing, asphalt, tile, and chips away cement and plaster.

Floor Scrapers

Regular flooring scraper with blade sharpend to a curve. Water borne can be kinda tricky ’cause the scraped wood texture can cause bubbles if you’re not extra careful. What hand tools would be best for hand scraping a wooden floor? The floor in question is finished with poly, about thirty years old, oak, and has some board edges that may be 1/16 of an inch above its neighbor. I’m refinishing some old Hardwood floor in my home. only about 200sqft. im thinking of hand-scraping it rather than renting the floor sander. We continue our ongoing series which details just what you need to know if you want to refinish your hardwood floors. This week we’re covering everything you need to know about sandpaper and wood scrapers.

Floor Scrapers